Dressed for dinner

It’s amazing how wearing no underwear can change your mood so dramatically, especially when you intend to be so ‘intimately nude’ in public.

Dinner plans have been made and I have selected my attire. The choices are getting limited due to my ever changing body shape with the new life growing inside me. The dress I am wearing is not maternity, so ultra clingy to my growing curves, highlighting my womanly shape and fertility.

Bathed, scented, pristinely groomed, my body is ready. Distracted from her long, deep kisses earlier, exploring my mouth, promises of exploring other parts of me the same way. Lingering on my mind and tingling those body areas in anticipation.

Smooth body from head to toe, save for my dark chestnut mane of straightened, glossy thick hair framing my face. Loose and wild. Flicked to and fro, the waves falling over my back and around my shoulders softly, throwing off the wafts of my Agent Provocateur scent to those around.

Fitted black dress smoothed over my body, tugging it down over my breasts and ever hard nipples, smoothing it over my wide hips and over my bump. The dress is faux wrap around style so when I sit it parts…

Skin tight dress leaving everything and nothing to the imagination, with no room for underwear, not even my smallest micro thong. Bare smooth pussy ready to be taken for an experience…

When I sit the dress splits to bare up to the highest part of my thigh.

This should be a fun evening, especially as I know just how deviant and cruel my lovers can be…





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