Shower Scene

The whole experience of taking a shower is somewhat erotic.

Stepping into the cold, tiled bathroom, almost clinical. Barefoot on the wooden floor. Wrapped in my only protection, oversized dressing gown. Hair loose, face naked, jewellery left behind.

Stepping up to the plate… turning on the myriad torrents of water. Welcoming with the growing cloud of steam, inviting and soothing, reassuring that it’s ok, come inside, you will enjoy.

Slipping out of the warm gown, the mixture of the cold bathroom air and the heat exuded from the shower hitting my skin all at once, sensation overload. I shiver gently. Nipples perk up not only from the material that just slid over them so casually, but anticipating those mini streams… remembering many fun times before.

One step and I am inside. Dousing self under the shower head, the rivulets of water running between my naked breasts, over my curves, over my face and down my back. Meeting between my legs, at the apex of my V and falling to the tiled floor, Cara flavoured waterfall.

Running my fingers back through my hair, making sure the slicked strands are off my face. Taking the full force of the hot liquid directly in my face, eyes squeezed shut against the blast, enjoying the heat covering my face, running down from forehead to chin, over my pouting lips.

Turning, turning, almost ballerina pirouette to make sure I am fully covered and warm, saturated. Smoothing my body, feeling my curves with the flat of my palms, over my full and growing breasts, down to the waistline and over the flare of my hips.

There is more than water to that wetness between my thighs.

Squeezing soap into palms, lathering. Rubbing over my darkening pink body, hard nipples and seeking out my clit, hard nub of excitement and potential.

Making sure I am fully coated, head to toe. Lathered, soaped, slippery… not an inch of friction, just soft, hot, wet flesh rubbing and thighs meeting and parting, fingers delving between and cheekily inside even,  wanting ever more.

Leaning back against the shower wall I gasp at the sudden coldness against my fuck hot flesh. My bum cheeks take the weight of me, as do my shoulders as I hitch up one leg to rest my foot on the windowledge that’s conveniently there.

Wedging my other foot against the bottom of the wall for support, I seek that now slippery and impatiently demanding attention, clit.

Fingertips rub around it softly, feeling the carefully directed waterspray as I shift and writhe about, on one bullet hard nipple then the other, the water guided in fluid motion over my vulva and down between my lips, pooling in my cupped palm.

Fingers together, flattened surface, gently teasing the screaming clitoris with fingerlengths while fingertips find their pleasure pocket inside…

Spreading fingers, enjoying the stretching feeling, eyes rolling upwards, lids fluttering closed as my body is angled for pure pleasure.

The sensation builds slowly, not the thundering rush of vibrations but the hillslide of masturbation by finger fucking, nothing external, just me, my body and I. Mind racing through a thousand scenes of sexuality, fantasy. Sluttery, humiliation and use. Wanton thoughts of savage sexual violence and predators. The pure naked need for the height of physical excitement…

Toes jammed against the wall and thigh strained where my leg is lifted, my heart pounds and the blood rushes through my head, behind my tightly closed eyes, blinding white lightening as the orgasm hits and I struggle to remain standing if not for the wedged position.

Gasps, weakness, shuddering, clitoris has exploded with feeling and pussy clenched tight around my fingers now pulsing with gratitude.

The hot streams of water soothe the aches. I manage to replace both feet on the floor but lay back against the wall for a good long while, enjoying the water massage and the orgasmic aftereffects.

Soon it will be time to plan the rest of my wanton Wednesday.


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  1. I think this post perfectly feeds all those male fantasies that are rendered in porn about what we do in the shower, lol.

  2. I love showers too… but unlike yours I never ever take mine alone any more. We have made it part of our daily routine to always shower together. I love that hot soapy moment we share every day.


  3. My shower stall is perfectly me-sized and I do enjoy those solitary wet times. You describe the sensations so well 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

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