Perverting the Pommel

Today’s wanton thoughts having included riding, leather, saddles and nakedness.

After looking at so many saddles this morning, it was hard not to let my illicit thoughts wander to riding naked. My smooth, hot sex fully connecting with the smooth, luxurious saddle leather.

Lips spread to deliver an own brand, leather enhancing cream.

Swollen, sensitive clit rubbing up against the pommel, crop in hand to entice the large beast onwards, each movement rubbing between my lips and thumping my clit against the raised, hard leather.

Breasts bouncing with a delicious rhythm.

Hair flying, wild and free behind me, walking the beast through the orchards, bending beneath the fertile branches, blossoms as confetti upon my pink and ripe skin.

Taking him out, upon the field, for a trot up to a full gallop, the climax of which leaves not only the horse out of breath and glistening with a post excitement perspiration.

Some very wanton thoughts, on this very wanton Wednesday.



  1. I’ve always heard about the sexual aspects of horseback riding, but I’ve never heard it expressed quite so eloquently, beautifully, and enticingly as you do here.


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