Fertile Easter Bunny Bump

My Easter Perversion?

A fertile Easter bunny shot in celebration of what Easter is really about.

Sex, of course!

This little bunny has been at it like… well… rabbits… with a baby bunny in the making. I wasn’t going to enter the Sinful Sunday this week as although my changing shape is very womanly and a sign of femininity, I haven’t felt exactly like a sexy Goddess or anything.

I know that isn’t what Sinful Sunday is about, but well.. I’m self conscious at the best of times.

Then it hit me… Easter Perversion – of course! Red lingerie with my new F cup breasts and a celebration of fertility as a bump shot – perfect for Easter. Add the bunny ears and voila.

I hope you agree…


  1. Cara, you look absolutely stunningly beautiful in this picture. I love the shadow behind you too. Makes it look like the Easter Bunny is creeping up on you. Brilliant. Thank you for joining in.


  2. Fab picture – the bunny ears look really cute on you.

    Also, I agree with you, spring and Easter is about sex and fertility. =)

    • Thanks so much everyone for the lovely comments and I am completely amazed that I won 2nd place or was placed at all! Thank you so much once again, I am excitedly looking forward to my prizes now! 🙂 xxx

  3. Beautiful…
    -the lingerie
    -the photograph and lighting
    -the baby bump
    -the F-cup lovely breast
    -the idea and theme

    So original. You did a wonderful job. Congrats.


  4. Every photo I’ve seen you post for Sinful Sunday has been gorgeous. But this one tops them all. You are exquisite and beautiful. 🙂

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