News: Site Changes & Updates

I have made some changes here at my site, including removing some side bar widgets, menu options as well as the banner exchange and links area.

My blog roll is still viewable on the lower right hand side of the screen.

Recently I have felt that instead of being true to who I am, I have been distracted and fallen into a niche that to be honest, just isn’t me. I don’t want a website cluttered with affiliate banners, animated gifs, trying to get your pence out of your pocket on affiliate sales for any measly bit of commission.

I want to be ruthless, that’s my true nature (shocking, I know). Honest, blunt but always approachable and down to earth. When I review a sex toy, fetish accessory or lingerie item, I want you to know it’s actually how I feel, not because I have affiliate linked to it and want you to  buy x200 of them so the commission can go towards my holiday fund.

My blog, reviews and of course I myself have always been about honesty. Recently I have felt that I am losing sight of my own mission statement. Being a blogger, to me, is not only about providing great quality articles in whichever genre you choose, but also your readers being able to trust that what they read is your very own, undiluted opinion.

Yes, I will still provide areas for you to puchase items from stores if you wish. There are a few shops on my blogroll, ones that I personally trust and have bought from. There will be areas that sponsors can advertise through, clearly marked as sponsors advertisements, so you can make your own mind up whether to click through.

Most of all, I want to provide erotic content, sexual stories, journal updates and sex toy reviews that you will come back to read time and again, trusting that you are getting how I really feel, with no distractions.

I enjoy writing. I enjoy tweeting. I do not enjoy my Twitter being cluttered with automated sales-type links and BUY THIS NOW! GO ON! YOU KNOW YOU’LL LOVE IT! *WINK WINK* comments in between the real me; oh god I’m bloody freezing, hey I just had an orgasm in the shower, oh dear I just inhaled a whole cake, oh bloody hell I dyed my white skirt pink, real life, real Cara Sutra tweets.

Yes, I do whine a lot don’t I? Sorry. is a magazine bringing you new content daily, erotica, sex anecdotes, my life journal, gallery photographs, a forum and video clips as well as opinions and reviews of sex toys, cosmetics and more.

I hope you find the journey as fun, sexy, interesting and thrillingly raw as I do.


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  1. Honest and true to Yourself as always, Mistress. That’s why we love You so much! Best wishes as You and Your website go from strength to strength!

  2. I absolutely agree hun, we want to hear things the way you see it as always; dont ever change; that’s what we love about you!

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