Magic Cream – a submissive’s fantasy

My submissive emailed me his thoughts from last night, they amused me so I wanted to share…



I have a fantasy of You rubbing my nipples. Magic cream. Slow clockwise motion. Causes breasts to grow. You rub my arse. That and hips swell. Waist in an anti clockwise – contracts.
Balls swell until they feel underneath me like those of a bullock.
Immobile throughout, You finally get to my cock. Slow strokes, the only pressure is as you pull it towards You. It not only swells, but grows to an obscene length and girth.
You giggle. “Oops – wrong direction!”
Your hand reverses the manipulation so that you are know only stroking from tip to base and the thing contracts until it feels no bigger than Your thumb.
Tears flood my eyes.
Your command, “Tongue!”
I stick it out through the ring gag – the cream tastes sweet as it begins to mostly lengthen but also swell a little.
“Don’t worry puppy, you don’t need to speak, you just need to listen and obey. Now I’ll keep this cream somewhere safe and when I’m bored – IF I ever get bored – we can look at reversing some of this. I say some because we do have a problem – I’ve used more than half. I wonder which parts are just stuck this way now. Then again, maybe we can make the decision easier – I can just throw all the rest away. Problem solved.”

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