Love, hate and guilty secrets

“Love, Hate, and Guilty Secrets”

Today’s TMI Tuesday is all about confessing what we love, hate and those guilty pleasures. My answers for this week’s TMI Tuesday are below.

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1. Food
I love moules mariniere
I hate tinned veg
My guilty secret is probably sploshing!

2. Apparel
I love shoes
I hate legwarmers
My guilty secret is I wear the MOST unsexy socks under jeans and leggings but they’re comfy!

3. Books
I love Sword of Truth – Terry Goodkind
I hate teenage vampire crap, like Twilight
My guilty secret is I read Enid Blyton, Nancy Drew, the Babysitters Club and Sweet Valley High books even as a late teen!

4. Songs
I love P!nk!
I hate Mariah Carey [stabs]
My guilty secret is I like the Carpenters, they remind me of my Grandma

5. Movie
I love Queen of the Damned & Interview with a Vampire – ooh and of course Gone with the Wind
I hate anything with million dollar special effects and zero plot
My guilty secret is I still cry at Disney films!

6. TV Show
I love oh so much, Mock the Week, QI, The IT Crowd, Sarah Millican… Come Dine with Me, Supersize vs Superskinny, anything with Stephen Fry… BlackAdder, Only Fools, Fawlty Towers… Spooks, Doctor Who, Torchwood etc etc
I hate soaps and yet more Titanic and WW2 documentaries ~yawn~
My guilty secret is Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps! Also, the Dave Channel (blush)

7. Celebrity Crush
I love P!nk! (spotting a theme? lol) also a recent fantasy splurge on ‘Rhett Butler’ lol
I hate Mariah Carey. Yep, really hate her. Screech face.
My guilty secret is that I liked Stuart Townsend in QOTD but lost interest in him in real life! Also Antonio Banderas, ~phew~ there’s a hot dad and a half.

8. Music Group
I love P!nk (getting bored yet? lol)
I hate crappity rap and country
My guilty secret is I really like Aqua!

9. Sports Team
I love … oh I don’t know. Not bothered by sport really
I hate … don’t really care enough to hate!
My guilty secret is that I don’t watch sports?

Sex Position or Sex Act or fetish
I love … hahaha where do I bloody well start for this one? Doggy, FemDom, Daddy/little, dacryphilia, sploshing, D/s, M/s, 24/7, TPE, collars, foot worship & boot worship (receiving), CFNM, oral (either way), corsets, chastity, orgasm control, roleplay, schoolgirl…. SO much more …
I hate scat, bloodplay etc – on the limit list!
My guilty secret is probably the Daddy thing. But then I’m not very good at keeping secrets apparently!


Happy TMI Tuesday everyone!


  1. 1. Mussel Mariniere is one of my all time fave dishes when prepared correctly.
    2. I love thick socks preferably wool, but a thick cotton like Thurlo cotton is nice too.
    4. stabbing Mariah Carey…Guess I won’t do my Mariah medley for you 😀

    I enjoy Pink’s voice and vocal stylings, some of her music I really like. She’s a bad ass, strong female so of course I love that.

    Bonus: Holy cow…you do “love” it all. I’m with you on the “hate” list.

    I enjoyed your TMI Tuesday.


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