Journal: April Shower of News!

I’ve been far too quiet on here lately, I know. Things taking my time up, distractions… must do better!

I am writing so much and for so many people, my poor fingers. Such fun however. It’s nice to be able to write on a variety of subjects too instead of just one.

11 weeks pregnant today. Went to the hospital Monday for my booking in appointment, finally. I’d been waiting for what seemed an eternity, worrying, wondering. After all that they still didn’t scan me and said they couldn’t even hear for a heartbeat, as they only do that from 16 weeks. Grrrr.

Anyway, my initial tests have been done, blood pressure healthy, 140/70, weight good, bloods taken for every kind of test imaginable. Information given and my welcome pack full of vouchers explored.

Scan booked for the morning of the 19th. Another two weeks to wait!

The last couple of days I have spent with Harlot and little Louie who is growing every day. So cute. The other kids are all off school too so it’s very manic here at the moment, even more than usual! I’m not even trying to keep the house tidy.

It’s Easter this weekend and we have a lot of fun to look forward too as well as, of course, much, much chocolate. Which after all, is what Easter is all about 😉

The lovely Steve and Roxy of DIY Orgasms have sent me a little something in the post, Easter related and on a sexy note, so that will be something to look forward to. I will share with you readers in due course!

I have many plans for in the next few months so all I can say is watch this space – if that’s got you wondering or hoping, just let me know what you would like to see, maybe it can be worked in, you never know 😉

Until next time…




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