Add your entry for Fetish Friday!

A reminder that Fetish Friday is here once again!

I want your links, to your entries for Fetish Friday, be they pictures, photographs, kinky writing, anecdotes, fantasies or more.

Share the kink! Let’s spread the good Fetish word and what better day to do it on than Friday?

I will be opening a reminder post such as this one every Thursday evening, whereby Fetish Friday is opened. I’ll accept links until Saturday 6pm.

To add your link, just comment below! Simple as that. Comment with the link to your Fetish Friday post.

I am on Twitter too, and will be slutting around the hashtag #FetishFriday – feel free to tweet about yours – everyone who enters and tweets will get a RT from me.

Have fun my kinky Fetish Friday friends!


PS Did I link Fetish Friday enough there? Yeah, I think I did. If you’re still at a loss, go here.


Please share your thoughts!

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