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So… what’s been happening lately in my life?

Well firstly, I left work at HQ ….

Secondly, I’m pregnant!

I didn’t know I was pregnant when I decided to leave work. Minnie had been the stay at home maid whilst the 4 adults in the house went out to work. There has been a huge change around in the past couple of months.

Little Louie has been born to Harlot and Chayat, a gorgeous tiny terror who has everyone doting and waiting on him all day, as is only right and proper of course!

The birth was different to planned.

Plan = home birth, lovely relaxing water pool, choice of musics, taking her time, everyone around to lend a hand, very natural.

What actually happened = Unusual water breakage and after visit to the hospital, many many hours of non-progressive contractions which ended with the news that the cord was wrapped round baby’s neck twice; also they would be sweeping Harlot off for an emergency c-section then and there.

However we have now a happy and healthy Louie baby now, born 6lbs 8.

I discovered I was pregnant 19 February. It’s only very early days yet and after sad times in the past and many years since of trying to conceive, I am still somewhat dazed but cautiously optimistic. Cross your fingers for me please!

My partner is very happy too and we don’t mind the gender although I think he slightly favours a boy and I slightly favour a girl; I have a lil boy of 6 already and one of each would be lovely. My partner does have other children.

Harlot is working from home, well – on maternity leave right now! I am at home tidying house (well mostly being sick at the moment with the ill-named morning sickness – all day sickness more like), Chayat has started a new job locally in an accountancy firm and my partner is working from home on various IT maintenance and management roles.

minnie has a job nearby which more than covers my previous income.

Big changes but all for the better! We are s much happier now and less stressed – also really not missing the hour+ commute to and fro to Luton each day. Joy!

Being here in the day and seeing the family more as well as enjoying the surrounds is really just idyllic.

Just have to hope for the best with this new little one now – doing everything possible to make everything a success for our growing family.




  1. Congratulations on the big work move and even more importantly on the pitter patter of tiny feet. I will keep my fingers crossed for you… but never legs 😉


  2. Congratulations on everything! I hope it all goes well and that wee!Cara will be every bit as lovely and gorgeous as her mummah 🙂


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