Thirst Quenching: A Cock Sucking Sex Story

Thirst Quenching: A Cock Sucking Sex Story

By Cara Sutra

I grasp you, both hands round your warm form, almost cylindrical. Rigid and yet so giving all at once. Teasing your opening there with the tip of my tongue, knowing how much you are eager to pour yourself down my thirst parched throat. My lips part to allow you access. I use my hands to guide you in, moistening you with the juices of my own anticipation.

I wrap my lips round you firmly, using my tongue to sweep over your heat and taste the salt of your warm flesh in my mouth. Inhaling your scent and eyes fluttering closed as I moan around your sizeable part in me.

How can you be so strong when your vulnerable area is between my teeth. However I hold you as a cherished possession there, valuable, more than a Lioness holds a cub.

You’re slick now; wet with my mouth that’s been easing you up to an even harder level of arousal. I take a moment to dare to flicker my eyes upwards to yours, hoping to see the approval, desire, want and possession on your face. I am rewarded.

It doesn’t take long until the combination of your fingers curled around my long hair, my mouth around your cock and my trained, practised suction gives birth to a fountainous climax…

Not only your seed this time but more… you hold my head tight there until you have finished with the juddering, strong, violent spasms and jolts, then … your cock stiffens once more…

The taste hits my tongue and throat sharply, the scent of it rising through my head. I begin to gag but know I mustn’t spill a drop – you’d be so disappointed.

Sweeping my tongue tip over your opening once more, letting you know things are ok. A silent but sexy communication between us, the trust that’s been formed so present it’s almost tangible.

Ramming your head directly into and partly down my throat you release it then, the stream of nectar, that spiced torrent that bursts forth and fills me, I can barely swallow in gulps enough to keep the flow down me, but keep it I must.

There is so much, I feel like I will burst, I dare not even breathe or stop or do anything but the natural bare gulping action that is the peristalsis born of passion – to swallow down and take everything you give me, and be grateful for it.

Thank you for quenching my thirst.


Thirst Quenching: A Cock Sucking Sex Story

Thirst Quenching: A Cock Sucking Sex Story


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