My Man Has No Interest In Sex. Should I Cheat?

My Man Has No Interest In Sex. Should I Cheat?

A Q&A With Cara Sutra

Dear Cara: At first I thought my man was really into me, but as time progresses he seems to have less and less interest in sex. It’s not as though I think he wants other women, he just doesn’t instigate anything sexual at all. I want to show him what he’s missing out on. As he has no interest in sex should I cheat?


Hello and thanks for the question.

My Man Has No Interest In Sex. Should I Cheat?I can’t ever advise cheating as a viable option, the damage to both the other person, the hurt and the guilt you’d probably feel would combine to make that course of action forever a regret.


Why not try actually talking to him about your worries? Not at a time where things are busy, his favourite programme is on or if other people are around – but maybe when he is feeling less pressurised, so not when you’re naked and it could seem like accusation either. Arrange to go to a quiet corner of a pub or just for a walk together and bring up your feelings. Possibly he has his own worries and issues, or you may uncover something medical that you and he would like to address by visiting the doctors.

Certain vitamins and minerals can help boost his libido too. What is his diet like? If he doesn’t eat vegetables and sources of iron and protein, the chances are that he will physically be feeling sluggish and that’s another reason for him to lack drive and enthusiasm.

Outside Info

I’m avoiding stating what you’d read in the latest Cosmopolitan or Heat magazine, which would probably be to just ‘dress up sexy‘ and ‘make an effort’. Being a woman I am sure you have tried to garner his interest in all the ways that come naturally to you.

I suggest a good, open and honest chat, as communication is often the key to effective resolution of these issues. Don’t be scared to bring it up, sex is an important facet of your relationship and he deserves the chance to know how you feel before you decide together what action to take.

Cheating won’t resolve anything.

I hope this helps…


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  1. I agree… I was in this position and did what your suggesting, and what it did was ruin me and the best thing that ever happened to me when all we needed to do was talk we resolved our issues in the end but thing will never be the same. Hope things gets sorted for you

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