Blissful Candlelit Climax

I enter the bedroom, to be greeted with the low lights of candles, flickering gently and casting their eerie but romantic haze over the room, as well as scenting the atmosphere with evocative, deep and rich notes of mysterious fragrances, all sweet but mellow.

Curtains loosely drawn, I can see her outline beneath the crumpled cover on the bed. Black ruffled hair on the white pillowslip, hand clenched and drawn up by her face as she lays on her back, cover not even nearly able to conceal her feminine figure but petite height. Abyss-dark eyes closed now, the eternity within them turning their attentions to unknown dreams, creative, detailed, multi faceted.

Moving closer as I pad on bare feet, quietly drawing up to the bedside to make out the soft curve of her dainty mouth, upwards… the focus of sin and seduction in that innocently wicked face.

Gently I pull the cover down, peeling it from her body to get into bed beside her. She stirs but with a heavier breath merely rolls to lay full on her back, as I sidle closer, feeling the heat radiating from her. I admire her beauty now in a fuller extent, breasts unrestrained, undisguised by the oversized, short night dress with a deep V neck.

My breath catches in my throat as it always does by such close contact with her and I make a concerted effort to take deep, relaxing breaths. My hand reaches out almost of its own accord to brush over the surface of the thin fabric about her chest, contrasting with the hot flesh beneath my finger tips and up to the softest skin of her neck and up to trace her jawline. So perfect.

I want more and I feel that she senses I am with her but she is still lost in that faraway land, exhaustion from the days events keeping her static at the feet of the sandman.

As I prise my fingers gently between hers so our fingers entwine, I move further down the bed, under the sheet. Ensuring she is still covered I move the fabric of her night dress upwards, exposing her ghostly white, soft thighs, pristine as porcelain and ever so kissable…

My face moves in to catch her scent and the feel of her skin against my cheek, then turning my head I softly trace kisses over her legs, her thighs and in between… gently urging her to part her legs to allow me more access, keeping my hand in hers even just by fingertips for that reassuring contact.

I catch sight and scent of the core of her femininity then, the apex of her V and that ultra soft mound that she keeps almost magically soft and purely beautiful.

Moving within her thighs more so she is spread and I lay between them, I take a moment to inhale her, lay my face on her most vulnerable part yet her source of womanly strength, a simple gentle kiss on the pubis then following with my nose to leave a tangible trail down between her legs.

She is stirring, and moaning… I squeeze her hand gently and make soft, reassuring noises. Semi-conscious, she knows she is safe. Her lover is here to satisfy her, as best I can. All she has to do is lay, relax, enjoy.

Still, her breath quickens so I know she is in that blissful place somewhere between sleep and awake.

My lips pucker as I move my hand from her hand to place mine around her waist. Feeling her curves and flare from waist to hip just arouses my lusts more. I must have this woman and now.  My hunger shall be abated no more.

From nose to mouth. Moving my head, tilting so instead of nuzzling, I am kissing. It is not long before my tongue yearns for a taste and it daringly broaches her flesh, tasting her savoury musk. Probing between to find the core of wetness and mingle the outer musk with that delicious girl sweetness; a hot taste of pure wanton need.

Holding on to her hips, I move my head deftly to lick her softly from perineum to clit hood… resting there a moment then away with just a light kiss left.

Blowing softly to heighten the sensation. The candles seem to sense my play and flicker madly, our sihouettes dancing on the walls almost mirroring the dancing beat of my heart as blood courses through.

She writhes some and moans. She knows now but doesn’t stop. I feel her arms straighten and start to reach down to me, but perhaps she fears I will stop; for I don’t feel her touch as yet.

Mopping up the glistening beads that have formed at her entrance, threatening to pool beneath on the sheet, my tongue recognises the taste and just craves more. My mouth closes around each labia in turn, gently sucking and performing miniature blow jobs on them, the oral attention so delicate yet focussed, my tongue flicking over each millimetre of flesh.

Mouth then closing over her clitoris but in an amplified way… she can only feel the hotness of my mouth but no tongue as yet, just the heat and what must surely be a tangible air of need from me to flick her there, to give her that ultimate satisfaction.

I break away and leave a large circle of kisses around, deliberately avoiding her clit while I move my fingers down to tease the outers of her thighs, curling my fingers then underneath her bottom to grip her, show her that I want her and I want her there, now.

Eventually of course, I can wait no more. My tongue delves inside her, followed by one finger tip from a hand retrieved from under her behind.

Tongue lapping and tasting, french kissing her so deep and fully there it is like I am trying to be inside her completely. My finger follows with more depth and increasing urgency, curling around to find that sweet spot of hers…

My mouth travels upwards to find – or meet, it is not hard to find – her clit which is hard and almost bristling with a sense of frustration, greed and hunger. My mouth closes to it with a kiss, moving to a soft well lubricated suction which leaves space below for a second finger to be placed deep inside her.

She is very wet know and knows it, although still says nothing. We know this feigning sleep is fucking hot, she loves being taken like this.

I circle my tongue tip around her clit and alternate with soft suction and lighter flicks. The combination of this movement and my fingers inside her soon lead to that back arching moment of hers that I adore…

To have her like this, on the cusp of such breathtaking, indescribable pleasure, from just me, my fingers, mouth and imagination. Such power but through such love.

Her body urges me, begs for more.

I curl my fingers up more so be rubbing against her G-spot just as she likes it, rubbing, firmly, not tickling but a deep, body shuddering rubbing of it that is confident and precise all at once.

My ministrations to her clitoris become harmonised at times, syncopated at others.

Then – it comes… sudden, rushing, deep and with a bucking arch of her back and yes, she does reach down and grab my hair now to clamp my face to her as my arm is tucked in, hand deep between her legs –

She comes. That radiant moment, the moan, the keening wail, the filth tumbling from her cherry lips, the exhalation and the long, long breath followed by her falling back to the bed, leaving me hot, out of breath too, her toy for climaxing upon and around, both feeling loved and sexual.

The perfect moment of unity and bliss. Lovers in harmony and happiness. Never let it end.






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