Bath then bed

Daddy leads me by the hand up the stairs into the darkness. It’s the end of a long day and my mind is hazy, but as always, trusting him and wherever he will lead me.

Surprisingly, we don’t move towards the bedroom, for snuggles and more with Daddy, as I was expecting.

He pushes the bathroom door open then gently urges me into the room before him, while still holding my small hand in his Daddy one.

I’m ushered this way into the bathroom, which is welcoming to my tired mind, with warmth, steam rising and candles lit to create that soft glow that I love. Wait, steam? Yes. He has run a bath for me, so full it looks like a lil girl like me would almost be drownded in there! But Daddy is with me so I know I will be ok.

I look up to his face and he is smiling.

“Bathtime, little one. You know you have been a dirty girl this week and now Daddy needs to wash you all clean again, so you can be my good, clean little girl.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

My arms are lifted up as he pulls off the dress over my head. Then winter woollen tights and panties grasped together, his thick fingers delving into the waist band, to pull them down to my knees, as he then helps them off my little feet, one then the other.

I am naked in front of him now and somewhat conscious of it. I don’t know why, Daddy has seen me naked so many times before. But it is different with him stood there all big and Daddy-like and I am so little and naked. I blush and look at my feet.

He takes care to step close to me so I can feel his comforting heat. With one finger under my chin he lifts my face effortlessly and without meeting any resistance, so my eyes are forced to meet his large, unflinching, chocolate brown Daddy eyes.

“You’re such a silly girl sometimes, aren’t you little one!”

“Yes, Daddy.”

More furious blushing.

He lets my head drop back down, although I am feeling much better just from his reassurance. He lifts his hands to first toy with the kitty bell he loves for me to keep round my neck, then with one fluid movement places one hand on each pigtail band to ease them fro my hair, letting the tresses flow loosely and long over my shoulders and back.

He runs his fingers through my soft hair, he loves the length. Just like a little girl should have her hair specially for Daddy.

“Now, let’s get you into this lovely hot bath to get you clean.”

With Daddy helping me, I step gingerly over the sides of the roll top bath in the centre of the large bathroom. It is hot, but not too hot and I can feel a flannel swimming about in the movement, underneath the myriads of fragrant bubbles thickly layering the water’s surface.

The heat seeps into me, helping to clear my mind even more and pin point that exact, magical mental space of peace, tranquility, calm and complete trust in Daddy looking after me.

Daddy helps me as I sit carefully in the bubbles, his large hand placed underneath my bottom then on my back, stroking me gently and murmuring what a good girl for Daddy I am. I glow with the praise and gain some confidence in my form in front of Daddy, wanting to be pretty for him, so he can have pleasure and be proud of me.

I lay back as Daddy gets some wash things together, the back brush and washing gel, the detangling comb for little girl’s rebellious hair and some gentle shampoo and conditioner with pretty floral scents.

He smiles at me relaxing like this, pleased that I am getting comfortable and content.

After some time like this, together, enjoying the peace, flickering candles and unspoken love he breaks the quiet with,

“Right, time to get you washed young lady. Sit up now, come on.”

Obediently I sit up and let Daddy reach into the water, gasping slightly as his hands brush against my flesh, the soft sensitive flesh of my inner thighs as he hunts out the flannel. It’s like he knows what he’s doing to me though, as I am sure I catch sight of the corners of his mouth twitching upwards in what could be the starts of a smile.

Finally finding it and wringing it out, he pours the washing gel over it and lathers up. Daddy wants me to stand up now. I do.

He runs the soapy, wet towelling material all over my skin, starting on my neck, then shoulders, down my arms, over my breasts….

I shudder as the rough material catches my smooth nipples which refuse to stay smooth after that. Daddy smirks.

I feel a tingling between my legs that I cannot ignore and it seems to be getting …. throbbier. Which is the only word that comes to mind for it.

Daddy continues over my little belly and the flare of my girly hips, which Daddy likes so much to hold on to in bed. Especially from behind….

I don’t even attempt to banish those thoughts and now there are droplets of something other than water dribbling down my inner thighs.

Ever so slowly Daddy runs the flannel down… down… over the sides of my hips and down my legs, front and back. I am sure he is deliberately avoiding where I am throbbing so furiously now. Perhaps he knows I have sensations there and doesn’t want to disturb them, although I suspect he has altogether more teasing reasons for avoiding my special places right now…

“Time to sit down, little girly. Hair time.”

I drop down into the bath with a disappointed ‘splosh’ that could almost be described as sulky. He turns away to reach for the shampoo, which barely disguises the broad smile on his face now.

“Lie down and get it all wet for me.”

Gulps. I lay back down in the water, realising after a couple of seconds that Daddy means my hair. To be washed. Yes, that is what we are doing now. Concentrate!

The water rushes in around my head as I lay flat in the bath but the quiet doesn’t drown out my thoughts in fact it seems to highlight the pulsing and rushing of blood in my ears.

I sit up with drenched hair and Daddy goes on to shampoo and condition my hair thoroughly, massaging it into my scalp and taking care of me properly, rinsing out thoroughly each time.

“Time to get dry, little one.”

He reaches behind for the big fluffy white towel which has been warming on the heated rails. With that over one arm he extends his hand to catch mine as I step over the side on to the bath mat and he wraps me up in the extra large bath sheet, making me feel truly tiny.

Bringing it up to roughly dry my hair he works down my body, briskly rubbing my flesh and getting the blood to the surface as he is drying me. Patting me softly at my V and on my bottom – then with a smile placing a kiss on my forehead.

“Bedtime soon, impatient girly, don’t you worry.”

I smile up at him and wait while he unplugs the bath and blows out the candle, the sound of the water gurgling down the drain carrying down the dark hall way as Daddy carries me, naked and wrapped up in the fluffy white towel, into the bedroom.


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  1. We don’t do much role playing, and are thus not experienced in Daddy/little girl play, but it does seem quite popular amongst the bloggers we follow. We found this very sensual and exciting.

  2. One of my absolute favourite things to do together is have a bath… reading this made me want to go and have one with Sir now…


  3. I don’t foresee that this type of roleplay will come into our lives anytime soon, as my love is still mostly vanilla and I think it would disturb him. But I do find it very arousing myself. And I have to agree with Molly that it makes me want a long, hot, attentive bath! What I wouldn’t give to have a big ol’ bathtub that makes me feel small!

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