The Lounge, A Captured Sex Moment

The Lounge, A Captured Sex Moment

By Cara Sutra

The Lounge, A Captured Sex Moment: It was a long day. We finally crawl through the door and I am so tired.


The Lounge, A Captured Sex MomentThere is a fire in the Main Lounge for us, I love the heat, I love the flames, dramatic, uncaring, constant, confident, harsh yet beautiful. The qualities I love.

I snuggle and he cares for me, a kiss, a cover, a cuddle, a whispered endearment.

We socialise and the hours draw on late into the night. There are also others presents… friends.. more…

They all drift off one by one and we are left by the fire’s glow in some stupidly late hour… I had not even had sexual thoughts on my mind, apart from the ever present dull ache of need, that insatiable ball at my core that is a magnet for him.

My hand strays absentmindedly over him and I cannot help but notice his latent desire all of a sudden. I free him and he lazily smiles as he pushes me down, further down than where I presently am lazed across him. My mouth opens to suckle him, a favourite position before sleep but this time we are visible to the admittedly asleep household, two lovers on the sofa in the main lounge, doors open, nothing stopping discovery at any time. Excitement stirs, in all ways.

He is hard in my mouth and pulsing, to the point where he fucks my throat hard, leaving me breathless, literally, not even gasping as I cannot get to air unless he permits it.

Tears begin to stream and he begins to emit his delicious liquid into my mouth, coating my throat and the start of beyond with his sexual refreshment that I feast upon so hungrily. Perhaps this should be my diet from now on, another fleeting thought.

He moves slowly and deliberately, rising above where I am left still laying, quite stunned, still half sleepy and in bedclothes.

I feel movement of my clothing… he is removing my trousers quite determinedly… What? What is happening, this can’t be happening? But yes… it really is. Here he is removing my clothes and I am lying quite openly on the sofa, windows unshuttered and darkness outside hiding whoever may be watching and looking in.

He is pushing into me, deeply, forcefully, his cock pervading me while he fills and pervades all of my senses, perverts my reality and bends me to his will.

He fucks me completely, lovingly, violently, having started at my mouth he fills my pussy then finishes with my arse, the triple fucking complete and beautiful.

He holds me afterwards as I still shudder, shake and sob, and I know he loves me and I love him.

I will write more in time but I am still so tired now, I have lots I want to share but words are a tangle in my head right now… my body fights against me and it’s tired of fighting, it wants to be forced to be still calm and to have choice and reason swept away from it.

Until next time.


The Lounge, A Captured Sex Moment


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