The Awakening, A Captured Sex Moment

The Awakening, A Captured Sex Moment

By Cara Sutra

It has been for some time now that I have so wanted to have a passionate awakening, to wake up with his cock already inside me, wanting me so badly that he cannot even wake me first, or perhaps it is that I am just a sex doll to be used and uncared for, treated harshly because I like such perversions. Not bothering to wake me first. Just caring for how I can best provide him with pleasure, used for his amusement and stimulation, my body nothing more than a toy to be played with.

The Awakening, A Captured Sex MomentI wake softly, sleepily, as he is slipping inside my already wet, always willing pussy, that whorish greedy place that has seemingly insatiable needs.

He’s behind me, spooning me and takes me deeply, his hands roaming to explore my always naked in bed body, my breasts waking slowly too, my nipples hardening and tingling, connecting to my pussy and clit nerve ending making me attempt to moan in delight but I’m still only semi conscious. I know enough that I know I like what’s happening to me.

He lazily toys and plays with me like that for some time, before waking up himself a bit more fully… rising up to flip me onto my front, somewhat clumsily, no time taken for care, just shoved rightfully down to the bed and legs thrown apart for access.

Then he plays with me some more, cat and mouse game now, his hands clenched in fists around my wrists above my head, pinning me down as I struggle, futile attempts at resistance. Early morning sleepiness adding to my weakness, weak as a newborn kitten and mewing twice as piteously.

He drives my body through that tumbling journey, foray into pain, tease, denial, delight… it seems a glorious age and a mere fleeting second all at once.

I’m mewing not to… please.. no… all the while wanting more yet struggling because he loves how I fight against him yet he easily pins me down and takes me anyway. He is growling into my ear how much of a slut I am, a whore, how he doesn’t care what I want, he is going to cum inside me anyway… I’m melting completely, disintegrating into a puddle beneath his iron will.

He needs release in me, the pain is all worth it to know that fact, his hand which loves to deny me breath, closing round my throat now as he withdraws only to press against my ass and open me up there so easily once more…

I’m drowning… my mind is white with need for air and his pleasure, which is top priority, I cannot answer. I love that uncertainty, how far beyond need for air would I go to not have him stop fucking me, stop using me for pleasure? It toys with my enquiring mind.

He thrusts into me, that smooth motion, raping me so beautifully – consuming me whole. I am barely aware that I am actually still awake this awakening is not some dream…

All too soon yet after a good while, he empties into me with a growl, emptying his need into his vessel, tossed aside for next time.

I am left to my true awakening, full of his hot, lustful cum, a reminder of how he wakes me up with loving violence.


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