Happy New Year 2012! My New Year’s Resolutions and 2012 Plans

Happy New Year 2012! My New Year’s Resolutions and 2012 Plans

Find out my 2012 plans in this New Year’s update

This week so far has seen the start of my January diet to lose the near 2 stone (yes TWO stone!! jeez) that I put on over Christmas, as well as taking down the decorations, trees, cards, garlands, wreaths… everything that had transformed the Manor from normal (well ok not exactly normal) to a Festive Wonderland.

Happy New Year 2012! My New Year's Resolutions and 2012 PlansQuite sad that Christmas is over for another year but I’m putting a positive spin on it and am using this time so close to Christmas to make notes about what things we’re likely to need next year, so hopefully come November I’ll have a store of things to make it even MORE successful – if that’s possible! It’s never too early for good organisation, right? Right.

This year I plan to get a little something each month in order to make Christmas more manageable both financially and mentally. It’s just great to be able to relax during November and December knowing that the majority of things have been taken care of, presents, decorations, and more – all that’s left is to enjoy time with family and loved ones and spend the money on frivolities and not be watching every penny.

Due to our simply EPIC food shop prior to Christmas we had an awful (ok, joyous) amount of food, luxurious noms and nibbles and a pretty full bar. Still a lot of spirits and liqueurs left, which is nice. Always wanted a little bar so that you can offer visitors a proper drink, you know like in those old style American dramas where they’re able to offer a brandy or whisky or cognac or similar. Not that we have a lot of alcoholic visitors (!) but you get the gist.

The epic food shop is to blame for my also epic weight gain. That night we laid out the table with ALL of the cheese, pate, crackers, olives, parma ham and more… spectacular. Ate SO much. Was worth it though, just delicious, especially the venison and whisky pate, yum!

Personalised stockings for the little people were a huge hit, this year will get personalised fabric advent calendars that they can use from this year onwards too. SO many people in the house means early planning in a must. Also of course, paying back what was put onto online accounts and more for this Christmas! ~eep~

I’ve lost 6lbs already this week simply by going back to my usual diet instead of breakfasting (lunching and dinnering and suppering) on chocolate and alcohol. It’s those small differences that make the world of difference.

Another stone off and I’ll feel a bit more comfortable. Wish me luck with my 2012 plans and weight loss hopes!

Came back to work Tuesday 3 January and the site was fine, now down since Tuesday night in a distributed DoS. ~grrr~ Lots to do including tester orders, December’s Review of the Month and affiliate newslettering… really hope it gets fixed soon. Don’t like to see everyone out there stuck without their favourite sex toys site either!

Missing the peeps at the forum and can’t wait for a good catch up and gossip, as well as the sexy talk.

In the meantime I’m off to dream about festive wrap, presents and trying to work off that stone of cheese and pate stuck to my hips.

Til next time…




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