Having him in my mouth

Having him in my mouth

There’s that closeness from having him in my mouth. First of course, the shuffling down, wherever we are, either on chair as I snuggle up in his lap, or shuffle down to my knees to be between his legs… or in bed as I curl up first in the nook of his arm, my leg across his body and then I can’t help but wriggle down beneath the covers to seek him out.

Having him in my mouthThe scent of his flesh driving my wild with desire, the connotations of having him near, physically close. Reminders of love and past liaisons, his fingers sweeping across the nape of my neck in the day, brushing my hair behind my ear, pulling me in for a close brief but passionate kiss or a tight squeeze of affection and reassurance together, feeding confidence from each other.

My lips trailing kisses down from his chest once we are both naked in bed… reaching his soft warm tummy and my hands exploring and teasing between his thighs and over his legs, round to cup his tight buttocks and hold him there as my mouth makes its journey over him. The heat emanating from him telling me when I am near his tip; so I can deliberately avoid it, for now. Smelling his masculinity, clean but warm, the aroma of sexuality, the musk of his desire growing and threatening to thrust into my mouth before I permit.

My soft lips hover dangerously close to his stretched out cock; his frenulum apparent and strained as his cock dares to bounce ever so slightly, the motion of an eagerness, an anticipation of sensation. My lips smile in the darkness, under covers. I breathe heavily, deliberately. Letting those hot breaths be as kisses to him, the feel of them affectionately enveloping his skin, as much as an actually physical touch. Just, not quite yet…

My lips descend and touch down from their teasing flight, laying soft, warm lips upon the soft, warm flesh of his shaft, narrowly missing said frenulum, but already somehow tasting the salty musk that lays upon it. Tongue snakes out between lips, darting and gently but determinedly laying delicate strokes of feminine moisture along his shaft, scenting him as my own possession, marking my territory with each successive quick darting motion of my mouth. Loving the short, sharp taste of him. Revelling and becoming intoxicated by the desire he instigates, his taste filling my head, swirling me with the myriad of colours of want, need, flesh meeting and kaleidoscopic emotions tumbling through my mind in that darkness which is warm and comforting.

My fingers move round from his bottom and come round to place soft finger pads upon his balls, stroking a rounded long fingernail up his perineum, directly from his puckered entrance, the talon marking a trail of sensation making him shudder head to toe. I smile again…

Tongue laps more consistently now, granting his need for the contact, the frisson of need growing as I sense the volcano within him just there, already built, but it will erupt when and how I want it. He may be attended to by my mouth, but I a, the conductor of this orchestra.

Cool fingers wrap around him, one hand round his balls, squeezing tighter then suddenly loose and teasing; the other around the base of his shaft… finger pads gently teasing the manly rigid muscle there underlaid with pulsing veins, then gripping strongly, a woman’s touch around him, isn’t that what every man wants and needs, for him to be held and caressed and ‘attended’ to by she who knows just how to withdraw that pleasure from him in exactly the right way… it must be just so.

My warm, salivating mouth wrapping oh, so gently around his tip, letting my O shaped circle of young, pink lips take him within them, no other sensation at the start but that ring, firm and definite, precise and holding him there cock collar within them.

Tongue comes to tease, as it will. Darting tongue over the smooth, blood filled head. Run the very tip over the hole found at the centre… tasting his need drooling so effortlessly and eagerly from him, the moans from him seeming to accompany the flow.

Mouth moving down…

Lips travelling over the shaft… down, down…

Fingers play him as my own instrument of choice, expertly teasing the sounds from him, the movements, the writhing, twisting and back arches as I move to ensure I give and get only the best…

Cheeks suck in to keep close contact. Frictionless salivated suction holding his hard cock deep in my mouth. Leaking tip at my throat and balls tight in my teasing, pulling fingertips.

Pulling myself up as I am to his left, so I can keep my right hand playing his balls as the left hand has other work to do. I thrust the index finger of my left hand into my mouth my his cock … lubricating it ready to insert… finding his entrance I gently seek to gain entry. Sucking him harder and sweeping my tongue over his tip, alternating between shallow and deep throat moves, this time tested technique allows me to thrust into him with barely any trouble, far, far deep inside, to stroke and massage his prostate and then his moans really come on strong. I don’t have to look to know his head is thrown back, eyes closed and teeth gritted as he lets the tide of ecstasy wash over him as I take him on our journey again.

It’s only a matter of time.. and my mouth…

The deep throating begins and I revitalise my efforts. I can barely breathe but it doesn’t seem to matter. There’s my own hair catching in my mouth, it’s hot and dark. I can only smell cock, taste pre-cum and I only want him to shoot his cum down my throat in a violent, noisy climax that makes him pass out utterly exhausted and sated.

He is fucking my throat, so deeply it will surely hit the back of my neck from the inside… I stop tasting him as his tip passes into my throat, past my epiglottis and is lodged there… my gag reflex long dead from these escapades. Fucking me just a wet hole for him whims.

He takes my hair in his hands. Both hands. Ramming my head up and down on him, just his doll.

He is arching at dangerous angles now, I am almost thrown from him, if I wasn’t so impaled deeply. Finger inside him, sliding another one for good measure. Mouth filled and drooling from the sides. Unable to swallow as his cock is lodged within my throat.

Heavily and with a grunt he fucks me harder and faster… ultimately bucking hard and feeding me his cum down my throat which I swallow gratefully.

After some time we slow and the throbbing slows to a mere pulse.

Fingers removed, his cock by my lips coated in dried cum and juices. I kiss it softly.

Curling up on him, he tangles his fingers in my hair, gently stroking his doll to sleep.




  1. That made my mouth seriously water. And if I wasn’t going to suck his cock before bed tonight, I am damn sure going to do it now! Yum! 🙂

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