Cuckolding My Chaste Property

Cuckolding My Chaste Property

Cuckolding My Chaste Property Indulged myself last night with some more delicious physical loving from My real man. I was wearing some gorgeous pin striped lingerie afterwards for the purpose of allowing my slave to sleep with them and My scent… our juices mingled… for the rest of this week.

Humiliating him for the cuckold he is in this way is a delight. Of course his enjoyment all depends on whether I am in the mood for it. As I assured slave this morning, cuckolding him is not a reward, merely a sign that I wanted to and of course I can do whatever I want as I’m the Mistress.

It is a reminder that he is owned, nothing but a slave, My slave and I can toy with him as I wish, make him do whatever I want, I own him completely and he has no say in anything. I will take his requests into consideration but the finality of it is that I make the end decisions and I get to choose how I act, he acts and what goes on in his life.

his main priority is to make sure he is respectful, honest, obedient, loyal and does exactly as I say at all times with no complaint or trouble. I wouldn’t expect or tolerate anything less. A slave is there to be a perfect assistant to his Mistress at all and any time required.

As it is coming (!) up to his yearly orgasm, a ruined one of course, he will be very alert to the fact that I also only allow these at My pleasure, My whim and they are certainly not a given event.

There’s nothing to stop Me skipping over it this year entirely… wouldn’t that be fun!


I am sure he will have some interesting dreams tonight…




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