Bathroom Sex

Bathroom Sex

Captured moment of bathroom sex: I bathe him. He relaxes. He exits the bath…. I get undressed, planning to shower in the wetroom.  However….

Bathroom SexHe lets his gaze travel the length of me, openly, eyes glinting with lust. Grabbing me pulling me in for a deep kiss, his hands become heavier on my shoulders… he forces me to my knees, naked on the floor, my mouth level with his cock. Firmly taking my head like some sort of tool and my mouth is wide apart, gasping but ready to receive all of him, deeply, straight into the back of my throat. Fucking my mouth, my throat, hard and viciously. The sudden passion sends my mind blank and I’m wet between my legs, threatening to pool beneath me where I am, kneeling and sucking him as he breathes ragged in contentment above.

He suddenly tugs me back by the hair and pulls me upright as easily as if I were a ragdoll, forcefully bends me at the waist, how easily he does so. Spun round to face the wall. My legs spread far apart and his still warm from my mouth cock is at my pussy, nudging insistently to enter, to pervade me, filling me with its throbbing.

He rams it deep within but he wants more… always more… I need everything he can give but do I need more? He is fucking me passionately, no words between us, not this time. Knowing certain things remain forbidden he exits swiftly and quickly wipes a sucked finger over my ass, that which he likes to do dirty things to, making me an anal whore for him, needing more, feeling like I can cum just from him thrusting into me there, that sacred place. He presses against it and how shamefully easy it is for him to completely fill me, no hesitation, no doubt, just impaling me upon him in one easy motion, his hands to my hips and his lips to my neck.

I’m in a whirl of delicious torment with the torturous thoughts running through my perverted mind and the addictive sensations and stimulation running through what feels like every nerve ending in every sexual and erogenous area of my body… clutching at my throat, breast, the pit of my stomach, deep in my denied pussy and dancing over my clit… culminating in his eventual hard, harsh release of hot cum at my very core….

… and I mustn’t spill a drop.

We part reluctantly, ready to complete the day with cycles of salacious memory dancing behind our eyes and in every glance and consequential touch.



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