Terrifying Arousal

Terrifying Arousal

Terrifying ArousalOh god… I just want to be fucked by you now daddy,  just pull me by the hair and bend me over your lap… force my head down with one hand as I wriggle against you but your strong daddy hands keep me there, the other with fingers in my waistband uncaringly ripping down my jeans and knickers so they’re down at my knees, tangling, trapping my legs… you hoarsely roughly tell me what a bad girl I am as you land the first blow of a spanking on my goosepimpled ass cheeks, the reddening surfacing immediately, pleasing your eyes and making tears spring to mine.

I’m leaking already but then I’ve been wet all day just aroused by the thougt of you, your cruel merciless punishments, so violent and in that, so sexy, grabbing me and making me do what you want, thinking of you hissing into my ear exactly what I am and what you will make me do, not just what you want but an obvious assumption that I will do it, I will obey because there is no alternative.

You can make me sleep at your side, cuddled like a good girl or curled up at your feet if you prefer, or captured between your legs so my lips are wrapped around your cock like a pacifier in the night, there to suckle from you as a comforter for your lil girl, or pull my arms up to tie them together and to the bed, legs bound together if I’m bad or spread wide apart if I’m good, ready for you to plunder me in the night with me able to do nothing about it.

Breasts slapped and nipples pinched, standing erect and hard, sensitive to the slightest breath that you tease upon them or defenceless to the harsh clamps you put on them, that I hate but crave, the punishment and pain that brings tears to my eyes but leaking to my pussy and a throb to my clit that is so intense it’s like it’s actually screaming for you to wrap your lips round and suck it better.

Desperate for you to spank me soundly while you’re making all these thoughts go through my head, scalp aching from the hair pulling and ass cheeks red raw from the spanking, legs tired from wriggling and I’m unable to fight any longer, weak as a kitten and barely any claws left, but you bind my wrists together anyway, pull my lower half clothes from me just leave in the slutty girl crop top without a bra as you make me wear it, nipples free and unrestrained underneath, pointy now and visible and turning you on, aching for your touch but you just tease me by brushing finger tips over them as your hands move from my hair to firmly grip my waist, feet knocking my legs apart as you bend me over a table, mirror ahead of us, you make me look up and see before me my outstretched bound hands and you standing behind me glaring confidently looking down at your prey then up into my eyes, aroused in terror, as I drip for you and you use one finger to scoop it up and reach round to make me suck your finger clean, telling me what a slutty little kitten whore I am for Daddy, ready for his cock at any time of the day or night, and that’s all I am a little plaything, a sex doll and malleable toy for daddy to use and abuse, love or abandon as he wants.

Daddy’s cock is at my entrance and I’m wriggling as best I can trying to aim you exactly in the right place, but you circle me laughing outright at my failed attempts combined with the desperation to have you inside me, despite how cruelly you treat me, needing you filling me and satisfying me with your cock, then you swing me round, not ready to give it to me just yet before I have worked hard enough.

Pushing me to my knees and holding my bound hands with just one of your hands round the wrists, the other of your hands tangled in my hair and forcing my head down onto your bobbing cock, all shiny and wet with my juices and your pre-cum combined, licking tentatively first with tongue tip but you pull me onto you so I am impaled upon it, your cock head right at my throat the hot salty taste hitting my tonsils coating them even before the insides of my cheeks have a chance to lubricate and my tongue is still feeling raspy and dry against the underside of your cock. I slide my comparitively dry tongue tip of your cock collar and round it, just the way you like it.

Sucking, sucking, for all I’m worth, well of course lots more, as daddy is telling me I’m not worth that much really, as much as a cheap street walking whore ready to suck off any dirty old man for pocket money, desperate for cock that much that he should just put me up for auction and let strangers come and fondle at me and feel my naked body paraded in public and pussy felt and fingered and bid upon and rated and sold.

I suck harder and harder, sobbing round daddy’s cock and with a clitoris aching and throbbing so madly it must surely be radiating light and heat as much as a star by now, by the feel of it, and my pussy trying to actually swallow, desperate for him filling me, engorged and throbbing inside me, the thought of it makes me cry more, I love to suck and taste him but I love him in my pussy lots too.. confused and hungry and desperate and rampant and his, let the sounds fade away and mind empties and just his wants and filling my mind – well apart from the need to feel him, to please him, to use me to give him the most pleasure ever…

Finally picking me up in my mascara-streaked face state, ass still red raw, pussy leaking so the rivulets are streaming down my inner thighs and the silky strings fall and meet and make a complete sticky mess, you tell me off for being such a disgusting messy girl, can’t even keep myself tidy and clean for daddy – twirling me round again by bound wrists, slamming me down and finally allowing me, permitting me to feel the full force of your wanton desire by slamming your cock all the way inside me all the way to hit my cervix and try to batter through that locked gate as you so often do…

Painful from night-time fuckings and abuse, bruised and sore from repeated stretchings and fistings and fast re-tightenings from forced multiple orgasms regardless of my wants…

You fuck me fast and violently, pulling my head back with my hair and using it as reins to steer my body, keep me pinned on the desk and my head up to have no choice but to watch myself being used and abused, violated and destroyed by this terrifyingly erotic image of him impaling me upon his cock in all his glory and finally emptying all of his lust in a climactic selfish satiation, inside his little slut vessel of a toy doll.



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