Which sex toy is best for deep and wide anal reaming?

Deep and wide anal reaming – help!

Dear Cara: I am interested in challenging myself with the largest anal toys I can find, please help! What is the widest toy I could buy and the longest (including double dildos)? Is there a toy you’d recommend as having the best of both? I need to get in on some anal reaming action!

Which sex toy is best for deep and wide anal reaming

Cara: Hello thanks for your question!

I get asked about extreme and large anal toys more regularly than you’d think, it seems that anal reaming is a rather popular interest or fetish.

We do have a couple of extra large dildos and vibrators at Sextoys.co.uk, classified as extreme. Perhaps the best known one is the Great American Challenge, which is a gasp and wince-inducing 15 inches long with a girth of 8.5 inches (yep, seriously).

The Fat Man Mega Dong Dildo deserves a special mention. It should really be known as a doorstop as I really would challenge anyone to be able to fit this in. ‘Only’ 8 inches in length, this super girthy dildo is 10 inches in circumference. Wow. This hefty dildo is a serious contender if you want to ramp up your anal reaming game.

Super sexy online sex shop Uber Kinky has an entire section devoted to extra large dildos, as well as some eye-wateringly huge anal reaming butt plugs too. You can find a review of the XXXL Huge Butt Plug here.

As for length, the longest toy I can find is the Basix Ribbed Double Ended Dildo which is 18.5 inches. I have a similar but smaller dildo, the Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies 12 Inch Realistic Double Dildo and that feels amazing either used solo or with a partner. The material is so flexible and works well with water based lubricants.

For the best all rounder (no pun intended!) for you, I’d advise you go for the Great American Challenge. If you have anal reaming experience then it will still provide a challenge for you and is virtually guaranteed not to disappoint. As long as you can get it in, of course. 😉

I hope this has helped and wish you all the best of luck with your anal reaming adventures. PS: Don’t forget the lube!




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