Kaleidoscope of Passion

Kaleidoscope of Passion

Flashes searing through from highlights in my passion moments memory…

Kaleidoscope of PassionThe fingers in my hair, dragging me down between his legs, laying me there in the familiar spot. Head resting on his inner thigh as I’m stayed between his strong legs, my mouth opening in expectation of his cock thrust deep into. The bell on the new and permanent kitty chain round my neck already tinkling with the excitement I can feel all the way to my clit.

The rustle as he gets his favourite smoke ready, the preparation and steps involved like an erotic rote accompanying the sexuality, building to a pure and fiery decadence. Indulging him as he desires while he rolls then takes long languorous deep breaths of the calming substance.

The smile on his face as he gazes down with his daddy face on, down at little girl suckling, contrasting between gentle and ferocious yet always tight, warm, wet and wanting more. Gasping on him then catching the glint in his deliciously evil eyes as I look up for reassurance and find his warm gaze calmly contemplating my desperate pleasuring of him, willing for his satisfaction.

As he takes the last few draws I urge and will him to that peak of passion, thrusting him deep into my throat so I am gagging and choking round him, the bobbing of my head against his cock making my bell tinkle with more urgency. Alternating between deep throating and sucking just the end, tasting and forming a ring round the cock collar with my lips tightly sealed then following up with the exquisite gentleness of my tongue tip trailing round, then back to a full plunge back to and through my tonsils…

Until he finishes and I hear the tin container being set down and that last long, smoky exhalation; pure relaxed man in no rush at all. In control and enjoying. The fingers tangle tighter in my hair again, dragging me upwards, upwards – no don’t want to stop yet – til I’m forced with a slight ‘pop’ to let go, and realise I’m wanted elsewhere. Bringing me up his warm naked body so my worked, stretched lips are planted upon his; straddling his body, the wetness escaping between my legs the revelation and confession of what thoughts have been racing through my mind.

Still kissing him I tangle my fingers in his long dark shiny tresses, loving the warmth, the softness yet knowing his brutal strength is never far beneath that calm exterior. He shifts me above him until he has me in position then we connect in that magical way, him filling me with one fluid thrust, upwards, stretching my tight space there, taking up every available millimetre and still yearning for more right at my cervix.

We continue til we get overtaken by frenzied passion; loving the highlights of his deep rumbling instinctive growls and those tumbling words that escape parted lips til we bite them down once again, travelling so swiftly between being unable to vocalise for the feeling, to having to confess the overwhelming desire and stimulation by the overflow to the audible world around.

This kaleidoscope of meaning, feeling and being eventually takes us to the inevitable climactic destination that blossoms in a drawn out spark of heat and energy. There is nothing else like it. We bite into each other’s flesh and feel the height of intoxication with each other’s emotion mingling in our conscious and sub-conscious, as well as the loved, warm skin under us, around us, the two piece jigsaw puzzle that makes the most beautiful picture that we’ll never see.

I fall off, gasping for the air I suddenly realise I need.

We lay in the sudden silence that’s been there all along. The deafening surge of blood pulsing through ears, minds and veins ebbs away slowly, as do the last few orgasmic spasms.

Sticky, hot, natural, we snuggle up entwined in each other’s arms, words unnecessary.

I still want more.

He gives permission and I reach for my favourite toy, excitement creeping in, not just for the sensations soon to follow but also the knowledge of him watching. I lay in his arms as he teases my already over wrought body. Twisting a nipple in fingers of one hand, the other around my neck, tightening, then loosening, only to muffle the moans from my mouth, then to stop my air supply for a few moments, back to the nipple pinching, then over my stomach, fingers trailing…

My mind filled with thoughts of his uses for me, degradation and worse, things he enjoys, shared pleasures and times we’ve enjoyed before, and things that are yet to be.

My orgasm is loud, well it would be if he didn’t lean in with a final, stinging twist of my nipple and covering my mouth with his, so my orgasm is moaned into his very soul, taken by him, appropriately owned and allowed, accepted.

I fall back, exhausted.

He isn’t done yet.

Reaching between my legs with a low blood curdling, growled laugh. I am barely aware but can’t move in any case. The noduled glass dildo jutting between my legs from where it is still mostly deep inside me, the bulbous head against my cervix, the shaft hot from rubbing my g-spot, my entrance stretched and still sticky from a mixture of passion juices from both of us.

His fingers grab the end and ram it back up violently into me. The remnants of my orgasm jolt back into life and I writhe, moaning and crying. Shuddering involuntarily, shaking against him, begging pleading to stop yet not sure if that’s what I really want…

I feel unable to move, weak, defenceless

He suddenly gives another growl and with a deft movement flips me from my back next to him til I’m facing away –

This cannot be – my mind is a mess – empty yet so full – I am unaware of anything except the sensations and need – owned by him and in his control, at his mercy

Spooning me in what would otherwise be a romantic move, he roughly spreads me and shoves himself into me. The glass is still inside. It’s painful and it hurts. Hurts so good…

He contents himself with my crying and whimpering and inability to move for a little while, then uses the entrance that is left free, the one not yet violated this evening.

With hard, violent thrusting he breaks me down to the essence of my being, sex, need, pleasure, pain.

The pounding I take is merciless and evil – I cry into the pillow as he grips me one hand round my throat, the other over my mouth only allowing me momentary gasps of breath when he remembers.

I feel I am about to actually break when he finally empties himself yet again into me. I don’t know how many times it’s been now. Can’t count, can’t think.

He gently removes the hot sex toy from inside me and places to the side.

The lights are turned out.

He kisses me gently.

‘I love you’

‘I love you too’, I manage to whisper hoarsely.

Arms around me now from behind, in the darkness I am enveloped into him and welcomed home. Taken to my limits in pure love and cared for enough by him so that he knows what I need.

I fall asleep entirely content, and entirely filled, by his side.



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  1. HOT!!!

    “The smile on his face as he gazes down with his daddy face on, down at little girl suckling, contrasting between gentle and ferocious yet always tight, warm, wet and wanting more. Gasping on him then catching the glint in his deliciously evil eyes as I look up for reassurance and find his warm gaze calmly contemplating my desperate pleasuring of him, willing for his satisfaction.”

    I can relate to that 😉

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