Connection With My Lover Before Sex

Pre-Sex Connection

Connection With My Lover Before SexThe first spark as flesh meets flesh. A hand upon my bare back, trailing fingers and making circular patterns on my skin. Drawing fingers away to tease then reconnecting at another place. A feeling of warmth engulfs me as we re-make our connection…

I lay faced away from you, face down on the bed. I can feel your own warmth too, as you move in close behind me.

Another hand encircles my long tresses, wrapping them round a fist, to gently but determinedly pull my head back in a possessive motion.

Peeling the slim shoulder strap down, unwrapping my body for you.

A gentle kiss as those warm, blood-filled lips meet the thin flesh of my neck. Veins under the surface revealing the quick flow of blood to my head, cheeks flushing with a sudden burning desire, that’s mirrored elsewhere on my body.

I close my eyes and allow the sensations to wash over me, as I indulge in thoughts of what is soon to happen. Where else your fingers may be, where your lips, tongue and teeth will follow…

This pre-sex connection is so important for me, for us. To reassert our bond, that it’s not just a mental and emotional bond but a physical one too. A physical connection that we both love, enjoy, embrace and desire to celebrate at every available occasion.

I love when we have those tender private times together, those reassuring moments of intimacy. It’s so good to feel like his special girl and I know (well, hope) that he loves feeling like my special man. Our relationship is far from what you’d call standard, normal or boring, and very often it can involve other people. Not that we’re swingers – not that there’s anything wrong with swinging but it’s not us. I may have girl lovers though and he may have boy lovers; we’re both very bi.

So this connection of just us two in a physical way seems all the more important. Regular times set aside for us to explore one another and know that we’re as strong as ever in our physical relationship as well as in the other ways. When he touches me I’m all his, and he gives me all of himself in every cuddle, every deliciously wicked look and every kinkily evil plan he either growls to me or surprises me with in the passionate night.

Yes, I do love when we get to enjoy our re- connection adventure, before we cross over into amazing and explosive sex.




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