Christmas 2011 | End of November Diary Update

Christmas 2011

End of November Diary Update

Christmas 2011 End Of November Diary UpdateIt’s almost December and the weather’s turning frosty… waking up each morning to glistening fields as the view, through the bare branches of the trees, their silhouettes stark against the slate grey sky. I am enjoying this time of year though, not just because of the anticipatory excitement of Christmas, with all the hectic, manic and frenzied gift buying and Santa planning and festive food shopping that happens, but also the snuggling up and making the house warm by way of fires and layers and blankets and plate-fuls of comfort food.

The house has seen some changes recently, with the cats going outside and the kittens being assigned various new houses. Jet the dog has sadly left us but Bernie is doing well despite being on his own. Think he enjoys not being violated every night in the scullery now(!)

We have the decorations down from the loft in time for Thursday’s big ‘welcome to December, let’s put up the Christmas decorations’ party. I am sure there are some left up there somewhere, despite the mountain of them in the hall upstairs.

I was intent on having my room organised in time for Christmas despite the piles of clothes waiting to be put into a waiting-to-be-fixed wardrobe. The room has been a shambles for month and never feeling organised or tidy. After spending 5 solid hours on my feet tidying, sorting, binning, moving and basically getting shattered on Sunday, it is finally as I want it. Hate leaving it in the week to go to work now!

Minnie has given me a beautiful wooden lockable trunk which he had from schooldays (so it’s pretty ancient, lol) as well as his mother’s writing bureau, which I am using to rest my laptop on so that I can work in the comfort of my own room. All clothes are tidied away and there is a beautiful large space in the middle of the room. It looks huge now. It will be so fabulous working, resting and playing in there, especially with the real fire on the blaze, this winter.

Have been putting off actual Christmas shopping (in real shops, with real money) until I got this month’s paycheque. Had 2p for a week and a half. Tight times! Of course, online shopping has been different thanks to Very, Amazon and other places where I can use vouchers and credit!

We’ll soon be choosing our turkey for the Christmas Day feast too. Possibly in a couple of weeks. Choosing a live one to get slaughtered and prepared for us by a local farm place.

We have 3 new cocks in the garden – no, not sex toys this time. We are not branching out into dildo-gnome ornaments. Chickens! So we may have fluffy chicks as well as chickens to eat eventually. Yummy!

Looking forward to the littlun’s Christmas play next week. Of course it isn’t the ‘traditional’ nativity, with the mix of beliefs in the school. I am not religious either, so none of it bothers me. I do find it quite amusing that the baby Jesus (or ‘cheeses’, if you believe the kids) will be receiving a dolly, a teddy and a toy train. Much more appropriate gifts for a baby, when you think about it.

Working hard as ever, especially with the launch of my e-newsletter as well as the Ask Cara page… lots of writing to do!

Will update again soon but for now I better get back to the hard slog of writing about sex 😉

Til next time



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