What are the best sex toys to use during lesbian sex?

Which sex toys are best for lesbian sex?

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Which sex toys are best for lesbian sex?Dear Cara: I’ve just discovered I might be gay, as I pulled a woman the other week when I went out!
I was wondering if you could suggest anything we could use together during lesbian sex, bearing in mind it’s the first time I’ve really been with a woman. Nothing too tricky please! 

– Anon

Cara: Hello and thanks for the question!

Firstly congratulations on being keen to explore and discover your sexuality. You might be gay, bi, fluid or other – it’s fun finding out and sexuality is often constantly evolving rather than a fixed or static thing.

There are so many ideas you can introduce to the bedroom while you spend time with your girl. I would suggest something not too big to start off with during lesbian sex; leave the 18 inch double ended dildos til you’re both good and ready!

A non intimidating start could be something as simple as one of these flavoured lubes, especially as it’s your first time as they can help to ease you into oral during lesbian sex. I particularly love cherry flavoured lube, personally, but if you’re not sure then look for a mixed pack so you can sample a few different flavours.

If you do want something a bit buzzy, how about a clitoral bullet, a bestselling and powerful version is the Rocks Off RO80 bullet vibrator which is simply amazing, You can use it on nipples or the clit, on each other, with or without lube.

Why not light one of these erotic massage candles to get into the mood – there are even some edible ones which are perfect for some saucy drizzling and licking… (I’ve tried the cherry one, it was fantastic!)

Hope this has helped – enjoy an amazing time getting to know one another and exploring the delights of lesbian sex.



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