High Heels Fetish: The Next Step In Sexy Fashion

High Heels Fetish

The Next Step In Sexy Fashion

high heels fetishIt seems that an extraordinary amount of people, myself included, have a fascination or near obsession with shoes – sexy, alluring, high heeled shoes in particular. What is it about these simple pieces of footwear that tug at our heart strings (or clit nerve endings) so much? Is there such a thing as a high heels fetish?

When I shop for heels, I do tend to have my favourite styles. The look always wins out over any comfort. Of course having both would be amazing, but buying shoes to sate my heel lust always depends on the appearance. Maybe shallow but there we are. The material has to be correct, luscious, with a sheen, or patent leather, or pure leather – perhaps some swathes of colourful material if right for that style.

The look of the shoe must be balanced. Now, I am no designer by any means, but I know a beautiful pair of shoes when I see them. It feels almost innate to me. I can write off a shoe or fall in love within about 5 seconds – maybe less. I see some shoes and I just know I have to own them – no matter the cost. Potentially dangerous.

Beyond the appearance there is the effect the high heels shoes have on a woman, both physically and mentally. We will look at the physical aspect first (well why not!) and then the mental side.

The arch created in the foot makes you stand almost on tip toes – depending on the heel height of course. The way you walk changes immediately, having to balance correctly to be able to walk in them and the shift in your centre of balance giving you a delicate and very definite and concentrated way of walking. Emphasising the sway of your hips and lengthening the leg, the high heels maximises the allure and sexuality of a woman, instantly.

There is a war in my mind relating to the fragility created to the feminine being by high heels. Although the heel makes a woman slightly more vulnerable due to the height of the heel, this also subconsciously calls to the male to protect her yet also tend to her needs. However, the raising up of the woman in heels giving her the appearance of a toned leg and stronger calf muscles and working out her thighs simply by walking also adds to her intrinsic strength. There is also the fact she may be wearing spiked (metal or otherwise) heels that a man will instinctively wince at if you mention them and his testicles in the same sentence.

high heels fetishOf course there is a whole fetish devoted to trampling, whether in said heels, or not. Surely a sign of physical dominance over the male.

We move to the mental aspects. Slipping into a high heeled sandal, evening shoe or boot when they are of a pair you definitively love, is like snuggling up beneath a warm duvet with your lover, naked, after a day in the cold. Or taking that first sip of warm soup when you are shivering and starving. It’s like coming home to a roaring fire and feeling calm and relaxed. It just feels… right.

You feel more attractive while wearing beautiful shoes. Heels make a woman taller therefore there is the illusion of slenderness, adding to her inner confidence. The change in gait gives her a feeling of being attractive, knowing heads are turning to watch her – from outright stares to sneaky glances when they think you aren’t looking. With the right heels on, you can almost stop an evening in its tracks with just your confident and self assured, click-clacking entrance.

As you can tell, I simply love heels and they are multi-faceted fashion items. It’s also, however, a beloved high heels fetish and rightly so. A fetish that harms no-one and simply beautifies and helps radiate the natural sensuality of the woman.

Some of my favourite brands are Pleaser (especially the Bordello range) and Irregular Choice.

Do you have a high heels fetish of your own? You can check out my sexy shoes and boots photos in this gallery at CaraSutra.




  1. Fantastic post Cara, you have worded a woman’s fascination and lust for heels perfectly.

    I adore heels too, they make me swoon!

    I would love to see more of your collection which I am sure are beautiful.

  2. Just found this post , what a great explanation, I lurve heels too, cant get enough or high enough!
    So well summed up!X

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