Welcome Home Sex Story

Welcome Home Sex Story

How I made him feel really welcome…

welcome home sex storyI couldn’t wait to give him my special welcome home. He is lounging on the sofa when I arrive. Dozing after his busy activities. It’s evening and he is alone there.

Creeping in, careful to not make a sound, I tip toe up, bare feet on the carpet aiding the stealthy motion.

He is looking more beautiful than ever, for the separation. I miss him so terribly when we are apart, physically absent but the memories of him, his body, his scent, his taste… linger like a searing burn scorching my heart… and other places.

I’ve been wet for you all weekend, aching, tingling. Needing you.

I kneel down on the floor next to you, resting my face on my hands near yours. The first feel of you again is your breath on my face. I want to taste your lips again, oh, so much. Run my tongue over them and delve between them as they gently part, giving permission for me to explore you further while my teeth gently play over, nibbling, teasing, daring to ravage as much from you before you snarl back with that passion of yours…

Your breath plays out calmly against my face in the tranquil room. I sigh silently, in response.

I want to wake you with the best welcome I can. Expert yet eager finger tips reach out for the fastenings and carefully unhook and unbuckle your belt, before slipping the button free and so slowly, quietly easing down the zip. I can feel the heat radiating already, on my fingers, from you there. One of the many things I love about you, always ready. Even asleep.

Gently I peel down the waistband of your underwear just enough to slip my fingers inside, and ensure you’re positioned just right. I move over so I am closer to you there, and lower my mouth so my lips touch you through the material… I feel your slowly unfurling hardness, the warmth, the familiar gorgeous presence I have missed for so long, a seeming age.

Rub my face against you, internally moaning with how good you feel, how good it is to be back with you again.

My fingertips move the waistband down, peeling it over to expose you to me. My lips press a kiss to your collar that is presented to me, raw and pink and delicious looking. You leave a salty tasting feel upon my lips. I lick them and relish the reminder of what is hopefully to come. My tongue flickers out and lightly caresses you there, that sensitive spot, then tenderly probes further round. Lips come in to close around you… and eventually I take the head of you into my mouth in a full French kiss effect.

The suction on you there makes you shudder softly and I know you are becoming aware… not yet fully realising that I have returned, yet the familiar sensation is one of comfort, reassurance, something good. It is enough to keep you from jolting, and good enough to make even your sub conscious desire for it to continue.

Fingers reach in to lift all of you out, exposing your now full balls. I pull the material down completely, underwear and trousers, gently as possible, so I can view my sustenance that I have been craving so hard.

I can’t hold back any longer… climbing atop you so I’m nestled between your legs, I prise you up so I can get you in my mouth properly… tasting and teasing, sucking and devouring fully like a good girl. Then suddenly a hand grasping my hair firmly… and…

‘So. You’re back then…’

My eyes instantly swivel upwards and meet your beautifully cruel, dark ones. You surge in my mouth, a pulsing that is the pure essence of passion, of life, of sexuality, sensuality and every single nuance of all that is good in between.

I know in that moment that you are going to consume me entirely tonight. I’m scared and excited in equal measures, just as it should be. You don’t even know what you do to me with that look. You don’t even know you are doing it.

My tongue and teeth and lips are moving over you so swiftly but covering you so completely and with finesse, it isn’t long before your ardour is worked up to the peak… your hand moves from holding me by the hair to sit part way up, grip me under the arms and haul me upright…

‘I need to fuck you… now…’

I’m pulled up your body with no more resistance and difficulty than a rag doll, my summer dress about my hips and freshly smooth pussy ready –so ready- to welcome you home.

Sitting atop you my hands resting on your shoulders, feeling your head pressed insistently at my entrance that is slick with the wanton lust for you. The sensation as you slowly ease inside, holding at just the tip to tease and enjoy the moment for as long as possible. Keeping my hips raised as I lower my head to finally experience your lips once again, pressed lips to yours, as you taste and scent yourself on me, in my mouth, the carnal mixture jolting you and your hips thrust up trying to take me fully then and there… I dance our dance and raise my hips in harmony with you, smiling into the kiss, so teasing.

A low growl and you rape my mouth with your tongue, teeth nipping at my lips and hands moving from casually on my back to gripping me by my waist, you know how I love when you hold me by my waist, making me feel so tiny, so doll like as your hands encircle me almost completely there and move me where you wish me to be, controlling the speed and angles entirely, making me your toy.

You plunge into me fully then, growling into my ear how you need to fuck me, how good it feels, I’m naughty keeping you waiting… calling me all those names and telling me what I am until my squeaks turn to squeals and I’m dripping my need around your cock, my hips bucking and I’m struggling to thrash about on you wildly but you hold me steady, wherever you want me to be, controlling the journey.

I snake my arms around your back, to lie closer to you, flesh against flesh all the way down, a seamless meet. Your mouth draws in to close upon my neck, predator descending on his victim with a thrilling menace and unstoppable hunger.

Voraciously your teeth sink into me and your tongue forces against me through the vacuum, kissing and mauling as your hands move from my waist to maul my body, embed your long talons into my back and etch those red signature lines that I love to feel you carve into me. You moan then against my neck, breaking the seal to gasp some air and emit the audio from the sensation of me repeatedly drawing up, as far as you’ll let me, then sliding all the way down once again so you are inside me fully. Sitting on you hard and making every millimetre of you feel every single cushioning, caressing part of my internal embrace for you. Swallowing you up greedily then teasing with a break, just to tip again, before the full plunge.

My hands come up to tangle in your shimmering, glossy black hair and I hold you hard there, raising my face from laying on you and kissing you all over… licking your lips with my tongue, tasting every part of you, wanting to inhale some of your essence into me so I can carry you with me always.

The motion gets faster, moving surely to the orgasmic destination…

Suddenly you arch and I feel you filling me, I clench around you and our mouths meet again in a climactic frenzied embrace, breathless and hoarse gasps and guttral sounds between the tasting and devouring.

Too soon we come to calm once again, and I lie in your embrace, sated, loved, holding on to you, my rock.

I will suck you clean soon and we will both once again want more, but that’s another story…

For now I am happy you’re finally back in my arms, and I lay with my head in your shoulder, against your neck, feeling your pulse and the rise and fall of your chest beneath me.

‘I love you.’

‘I love you more.’

‘I love you most.’




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