Dance In The Dark

Dance In The Dark

Free sexy story by Cara Sutra

dance in the dark free sexy storyThe meeting of flesh, too long apart, meeting once again, through our dance in the dark.

Moving my hands over your naked body next to me, back turned but inviting me to drape myself around you, cocoon you and shelter you with tangible love.

Breath quickening, audibly, as I slowly stroke my finger tips from your thigh, up over your hips, to snake around, round your warm tummy as I cuddle close. My nipples first grazing then pressed against your back, as I snuggle in tighter so you can feel my warm breath upon your neck… hear those whispers in your ear.

“I love you…”

My leg follows my hand’s lead, as it drapes over your body so I am clung on to you, my rock in life’s ocean. Curled around you, in some confused protective tassellation, emotion painted out upon the bedtime canvas. Our touches, whispers and responses the palette to draw the inspiration from.

Let me be your muse, you are mine.

The feelings ever present between us are a beacon of shared understanding, trust, security, even whilst pressed together in the dark.

I know you want more. So do I.

Turning you with my leg, gently nudging, hinting, suggesting… please. Respond. For me? Unspoken request. Unspoken answer. You turn on to your back, your face now towards mine. I can feel your breaths upon my face.

Your lips draw close to mine, taste the radiantly hot passion upon my lips, it is all for you. Could you feel the searing heat, in the dark? Does it draw you like a magnet, our lips pulled together by this force?

Tasting, teasing. Breathing. Denying… then the smile I feel upon your face as you recognise my surge in lust at this memorable shared intimacy, the great seduction.

Granting my wish all at once with a swooping predator’s fatal blow, leaving me victim to your will. Volunteer to the sacrificial altar, giving myself up to you. Surrendering.

Climbing atop you whilst you yet hold me in ways others cannot begin to imagine or understand.

We move, the slow, deliberate dance of the dark.

Your voice, no words, barely audible sounds from us both, exchanging a communication so primal, so carnal it is felt more than heard.

What you ask from me, I am desperate to give to you. Thrust myself upon you, take all of me. Aroused that you would plead these things. Grateful that you care to show me your want in those ways.

We twist in the darkness, moonlit patterns of liquefied, legato shadows. Transformation from settled scene to a roiling ocean of crested waves… the climax of the storm approaching faster, faster…

I ride this journey out, one I never want to end. Arms embrace as fully and tightly as possible. Light kisses, trailing lips and tongue, tasting the heat, the flesh. Caressing with sharp nips and finger tips.

Falling to a calm once more.

Turning so you are cocooning me in my post-coital haze, the witching hour’s subtleties playing upon my mind, the fragmented shards of your voice pinning images to the inside of my mind, linked to the swirling pools of sensation internal and now external.

Radiating warmth, contentment, tiredness.

We drift, in love. Together. Fingers interlocked as tightly as your lock around my heart.

I don’t ever want to let go.



  1. Aww, I love nights like this.
    I find whenever I've not been "in the mood" for a while, for one reason or another, i find that "nakey snuggles" as i call them, always end up getting me in the mood.
    I only wish I were as good as you at writing, lol.
    Much love xx

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