Whenever He Wants – Real Life Sex Story

Whenever He Wants

Real life sex story

That’s the lesson learned. Whenever he wants.

I never know when it will be. The first sign is just a look, that look. Piercing with those beautiful dark eyes, invading me even before the first touch. Thrills travelling directly and occupying territory that I know belongs to him.

Whenever he wants real life sex story sexy blogHe cups my chin in his hand, face a mesmerising combination of desire and menace, that addictive potion that fills the air with latent intent.

He looks down upon where I am innocently sat… forcefully he grips my face as he descends upon me to steal the breath from my lungs, drawing it out of my body to merge with his. We kiss, deeply, fully, exploring each other like the first passionate embrace of a steamy and torrid affair.

Beside me then. Fingers snaking underneath my clothes to feel his hypnotic fingers dancing along my flesh, light trails then a defined grip around my waist. Pulling me around, our lips still together, to straddle his lap, where I can feel his need beneath me. I gasp and my arms move up to encircle his neck, moaning and writhing, kissing him so deeply, like I depend on his breath for my own life.

He knows he has me aroused. As he breaks away and his fingers move up to tease my breasts beneath my top, nonsensical words of need pour from me, stumbling over them as I blush and wriggle while his eyes flit over the reactions on my face and body, amused. Amused at me. The sense of frustration builds and meets with my lust, completing the sense of how urgently I want him inside me.

I want him to want me, as much as I want him. As much as I want him to take me whenever he wants.

My hands move down in a reciprocal tease… fingers desperately working to free him so I can pleasure him in some way.

But no… he moves away. Not yet, little girl.

He pulls me… where? I follow, blinded by the lust that fills my vision, deafened by the wanton growls resonating in my mind.

Up, some place safe. There is a bed… he is stripping me – just down to the smallest scrap of material. He likes that. Pushing me down on the bed to swoop down over my body and devour me. My back, arching, mouth briefly sated with kisses until his moves to some other place on me that is screaming for attention.

My mind is in the place that feels magical, calm, aroused, hungry and able to be sated.

His mouth rests upon my small button of nerve ending and I cry out; but he merely laughs. Get up, slut.

Dragging me by the hair to where he finally does free himself, kneeling up on the bed, I am awkwardly placed, half up on elbows, struggling to balance, he likes my discomfort, I feel. It adds to his sadistic thrill.

I see his want, then. Just before he forces it all the way to the back of my throat. Fast shocking penetration of my mouth all the way to where I gag and splutter, to short, slow, entries… where he can feel every tightly suckling nuance of my lips as they travel down him, my tongue swirling round his head and my cheeks then throat embracing him, enveloping him tightly, warmly, wetly.

Enough, for now. Turn over, slut.

Clumsy movements, dizzy with sensations. Twisting to flip over and rest upon hands and knees, but his sharp talons gripping my fleshy hips force me to my elbows, legs spread and my want unashamedly there for him to view and take.

His tongue lashes again, first. I am not thinking now… just feeling. This is the pinnacle of pleasure, the moment before he takes me, the moment before I am able to offer myself to him, for his enjoyment. The carnal and raw meeting, just a crazed lust that drives us to animalistic rutting and fucking, possessing each other entirely.

Then, I feel him. There at my entrance. Before he takes me, he teases by just resting there. I am mewling like a tortured kitten, begging him to fuck me. Fuck me now. Please. Please! Fuck me, it’s all yours. All for you.

I hear his stifled gasps of pleasure hearing this, that I know he loves. I’m all his, and he can have me whenever he wants, however he wants.

With one swift and violent motion he completely impales me. The pleasure in my mind takes a solid form before he deftly shatters it into a myriad of erotic sensation fragments, the frisson of energy sparking the electric jolt that wipes my mind entirely clear except for the pure, blissful feeling.

His hand, round my hair. Palm resting on my neck. Pushing me down… down. Face hard into the bed as he fucks me. Other hand between holding my hip and moving up to evilly pinch my nipples just so it makes me twist on his cock in the way he likes.

He penetrates me time and again. I know not how much time passes, it could never be long enough even if it were a whole day. I am greedy for him, greedy for more.

Dragging me back up by the hair, still inside me but we are both just on knees now. His hand still has me in complete submission to his will and whims. His mouth, letting out growls and describing just what I am to him, right into my ear. Low, deep, filthy growls. All I can do is whimper, he has wiped my mind of coherent words and ability to articulate this. I could never describe what I feel in that moment. Nothing is ever even close to how it feels.

All I let out is the inadequate squeals of rapture and the need I can put into the few words I have left. Please. Please. Please. Fuck me. Harder. Harder. Oh god please, I want you…

I’m yours, for no other. It’s all for you. I’m all for you.

He gasps at this – then suddenly explodes within me with a loud exclamation… filling me with him, making me clench and shudder and tremble and writhe…

I’m his: whenever he wants.

Eventually we quieten and he lays atop me. Kissing my neck, he slowly lets go of the vice grip he has around a wrist and my hair.

I love you.

I love you too, what was that for?

A lesson for you. I can take you whenever I want.

Yes, he can. He can take me whenever he wants, and however he wants.



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