Submissive woman real life stories

Submissive woman real life stories

My delicious evil Dom and my playful, bratty submission

If you’re looking for submissive woman real life stories, you’re in the right place. My life, with my deliciously cruel, evil Dom, is a sexy sub girl’s wet aching and mewling dream. The fantasy is real. Here are just a few of the things he gets up to, to tease and torment.

fetish fantasy ball gag Submissive woman real life stories

Pouncing me first thing in the morning when I’m bursting for the loo, just so that when he’s fucking me from behind he can reach down and press on my bladder so I have to clench round him even harder.

I love when he doesn’t even care if I’m still asleep in the morning, he reaches down, spreads my legs, finds my eager wetness and places himself inside me before fucking me soundly.

I’m stirring and mumbling, trying to form words into coherence to wake up, but he doesn’t care – just carries right on fucking me and grabbing me, pulling me into whatever positions he wants (and he goes through a variety) before becoming finally sated for the moment and releasing himself into my barely awake body.

The way he utilises the time I’m stood next to his desk quickly saying hello or asking technical questions in order to slide his hands up my bare legs, pull aside my underwear and start playing with me while I’m stood right there, in the office, while everyone is working away…

Making me leak and writhe right there on his hand, distracted, squirmy, needing it so much, clit pounding insistently and urgently… then taps my bottom for me to walk back to my desk while looking all evil and smug…

Maybe I should have created a dedicated blog entitled submissive woman real life stories, lol

Well! Last night was one of ‘those’ nights….

We’d already had sex earlier in the evening (I sucked him off -despite sore throat already- then hopped aboard for more*) and later on when we finally got to bed he started with the lubed fingers, then hand…

I eventually had to be taken anally even while I was bleeding from the fisting, then finished off with a Doxy massager orgasm to help tighten my pussy back up….

*is it bad that when he flipped me over and took me from behind he pulled 20p from his pocket and tossed it on the bed near my hands for me to clutch as ‘pocket money’ from ‘daddy’?



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