Kitten play fetish or Catwoman?

Kitten play fetish or Catwoman?

Curious as Cats and Kittens

I have been musing recently on how some women are like cats, and some like kittens. The kitten play fetish is quite popular with those identifying as women, and puppy play more usually seen in those identifying as men or boys. There’s a whole world of furry fetish fun out there in BDSM!

Most women, it would seem, tend to have the desire to emit a somewhat feline personality, with the characteristics and traits that would entail, excuse the pun.

Kitten play fetish or Catwoman Curious as cats and kittensI never really saw myself as a ‘kitten’ or a ‘sex kitten’ even in the usual, vanilla, sexual allure way. Does sex kitten denote prey or predator? Certainly high heels seem predatory in today’s society, but then the inability to run away when needs-be would deem them somewhat restrictive. ‘kitten’ heels are lower, why? To make the female not as tall as the male yet still show leg tone? All very interesting terms.

I am not a Fetish furry, in any real sense of the term. I dislike the idea of donning a tail. Ears, yes. Ears are cute. Tails, whiskers, having fur, no. I like to be entirely fur-less thank you, except for my head and eyebrows! 😉

Being a Leo I have always had the hot wildness and wilful spirit. Ability to stalk and pounce, roar loudly but then relax languorously, stretched out in front of some warmth or draped over something/one comfortable.

I am not really an independent cat… although in previous times I have been more vicious cat with claws rather than anything resembling kitten-like.

Recently though I have been named as Kitten and I do see those Kitten play fetish traits appearing… not the independence, I am a kitten of dark painful past, that needs tlc, stroking, love, hugs, warmth… tempered with regular rutting of course 😉

I will run free for a little while, yet always return to where I feel loved. Miaow loudly when I have wants and demands, yet roll over and instantly purr when tended to. Give me a roaring hot fire to curl up in front of and slowly stretch out as I seep up the warmth and I am a happy kitten. A comfortable blanket or throw and I’m even happier. Give me the one who tends to and sates me, his hands on me holding me, comforting me, teasing me, reassuring me… I am contented.

I do not parade on all fours, crawling is not for me. Neither is mewing or ‘furry’ type pawing in public. I do speak my mind and I am a human being!

It does seem there there are some into Kitten play fetish who are kittenesque and some who are more Bagpuss or Garfield in the cat/woman type world. I fear becoming the latter, I like to be nimble, lithe, quick on my feet, easily able to stalk prey and wriggle and writhe then leap away when needs be… yet light enough to be pinned down and overpowered, overwhelmed, paws pinned and my piteous mewing silenced by a strong hand against my mouth, all attempts to bite sharply cut off along with my air…

… and now I must go, to return to the warmth beside the hearth, to his strong arms around me, stroking me, making me arch my back in pleasure, arching so painfully it hurts for days afterwards.

Love comes in warmth, fireplace basket times and perfectly pleasurable purring.





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