Choking Fetish Sexy Story

Choking Fetish Sexy Story

Choking on Love

choking fetish choking on love sexy storyI’m lying, fairly spent, dizzy, empty headed and happy after another energetic, frenzied choking fetish session. The sheets are twisted and rumpled, around and between us. Our bodies hot and coated in a light sheen while we lay partially across each other, not sure where one ends and the other begins.

My eyes are closed but flicker open for the reassurance of his presence, still there, still with me, holding, stroking intermittently and making love noises.

I sense he wants more, more from me and more, just more. So do I, despite the tides of physical lethargy which my lustful appetite is fighting against.

He reaches over and puts his hand to my throat, fingers closing round my throat. His growling whisper, close to my ear, ‘I want you to cum for me. Cum like this, right now…’

I react, loving my body’s involuntary reactions as well as my surging need causing the previously ebbing tendrils of passion to catch alight and burst into flame once more.

He presses against my then, his other hand holding a magic wand vibrator to my clit, over my pussy, dancing it over and around, then aggressively holding it tight against my protesting clit once more. The bar through my clit catches and the pain only serves to heighten my rush towards that orgasmic light.

His fingers close, vice-like, round my throat. I’m drifting… caught on that sea of need, torn between the instinctive need to breathe and sacrificing that for him. Gasping, spluttering when I can, catching snippets of air whenever he wills and allows it through to me, trusting he will feed me enough to stay conscious.

My mind is left free and clear, blanking out everything except the insistent stimulation at the very core of my need to peak, to orgasm, to obey, to please. He wants this of me, and I can achieve this. I want this, he will watch. He tells me in that soft voice, but firm and clear, this is how it will be.

I feel myself toppling over that edge… just at that point he chokes off all air and I fall into the seemingly never-ending well of explosive, chaotic, spine grabbing and nerve-ending sizzling sensation.

I finally recover enough, I open my eyes. He has released me.. He smiles. I smile back.

I love you…’

‘I love you too’

We kiss.




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