Fountain of Orgasms

Fountain of orgasms

A story of the hottest sex

big book of orgasms picture - rachel kramer bussel - reviewIt’s simply amazing sleeping with him. The orgasms he has, and the orgasms he can give me.

I love how he takes me, forcefully, but more than that I love how easily I bring him right to the edge of an orgasm, within minutes sometimes. Yet it’s always his choice to have that orgasm or to wait. The sexual frisson of excitement flows from that very first, electric touch between us.

I simply have to remove my clothes, slide next to him or on top of him, our bodies meeting, that charge sparking once again and he responds instantly to my touch. I love that underlying sense  of power. I turn him on, I excite him, he wants me, I can bring him fulfilment in orgasms.

We spent hours last night exploring one another inside and out, in all ways. He can have several orgasms, I know I am lucky. I’m learning new methods of deep throating, techniques where it feels to him like I don’t even require breath. His cock head buried deep actually past my throat, being able to swallow him without gagging too much but at the same time choking and enjoying being strangled, audibly as I know he loves to hear the piteous moans, the violent spasms, the desperate ragged calls for breath, for life.

He loves to feel my pussy twitch as we are almost 69 laying side by side, his fingers thrusting deep inside me, as I close around him clenching with my strong pelvic floor muscles while I’m gasping my love as his cock invades my mouth, my throat, beyond.

It was like this that he so soon began to fountain his cum into my mouth, gasping his love for me, the words spilling from his mouth almost as fast as the cum shooting hot down my throat, on and on it kept coming. I’m swallowing fast, experience shows, but there is ever more, like a faucet.

I can’t believe I made him faint through oral sex. It. Was. Amazing.

What a fantastic night. It didn’t stop there of course. The whole night (almost!) was filled with sex and orgasms of a previously incomparable nature.

We fucked every which way, not even just fucking but making love, whispering our love to each other interspersed with the usual vehement promises, threats, minxy kittenesque pleas and other loving violence.

I’ve never before been as fully satisfied, as with him. I adore who he is, the whole package. Everything.

I love the orgasms we give each other.

I love him so much.


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