World Domination (And Protecting Myself From Hurt)

World Domination

…And Protecting Myself From Hurt

After asking today what I should blog about next, the first part of this blog post’s title came about, for some mysterious reason. Well yes it might seem I’ve been on a bit of a world domination spree lately. Ok, not just lately I admit, it’s in my blood, my nature, my character. I wasn’t always this way. I used to be a doormat when I was younger, but times change us and any knocks or bad experiences just callous the heart and make us harder. I have had my share of those, more than my fair share, in fact.

However in the words of beautiful Pink:

“I wouldn’t trade the pain for what I’ve learned…”

world domination and protecting myself from hurt - animal collar leashBetter to be harsh, embittered, hard, domineering and cynical than a naive, gullible, soppy, blase, innocent doormat? Well perhaps not for everyone, but this is my armour and I’d rather keep it on, thank you.

My protection is to be ruthless, cut-throat and vicious at times. Attack is the best form of defence after all. I can appear heartless, vindictive and ice cold, as anyone who has been on the receiving end of one of my ranting tirades will agree.

It is an awful way to view the world, perhaps, in some people’s opinion. Why not be optimistic, expect the best from people, put faith in humanity? I would so love to be like that but we are only the sum of our experiences, and mine have taught me to be careful, very careful in dealing with the world and its people. I would rather expect the worst and be pleasantly surprised than put my faith in people or things just to yet again be let down.

There are only so many times you can be let down and your heart cut entirely into pieces before you lose the ability to just trust blindly. Once bitten twice shy, hell hath no fury.. all these sayings have an element of truth and reflect parts of the human psyche.

These days I use the fact that I look fairly innocent (I like to think, anyway) to my advantage. I don’t think I look old and embittered, not as much as I feel at times anyway! I have come close to death several times and now I view life with different eyes. it is here to be lived. This is my life. I will live it. Those impeding on my life with anything affecting the root core of who and what I am, in a negative way, will find themselves amputated from my life.

Official Stampy Pants RantI simply cannot afford to have any more of my heart eaten away.

You would think all of the above makes me a very vulnerable, fragile person with a frail shell of confidence. But in fact, it now comes to a point where I am strong inside. The strength that comes from accepting weakness, accepting limitations and accepting the fact I have emotional insecurities, problems in my psyche and mental imbalances that make me ‘abnormal’, whatever the hell normal is meant to be.

I don’t have time for people’s petty jealousies, cattiness, bitchiness, trying to drag me down. I laugh at the last one. I have been to the very pit of my own personal hellish abyss, you really think mere words will hurt me? You cannot say anything I have not heard a million times before, and probably phrased more articulately, come to that.

I have a sense of personal freedom now. Happiness from accepting unhappiness.

You know what world? I’m me. Accept me as I am, insanity, distrust, contradictions, hyposcrisy and all. I am here to live my life, the way I want to live it, and noone can stop me.

We all have this one chance to live our short lives, why should we let other people dictate to us how it is done, when they get their own chance of life anyway?

Step out with confidence, bluff or not. Appear eager to live. Head up, shoulders back, have a passion for life and what YOU want to achieve, without anyone telling you.

Believe in yourself and you can achieve world domination.

Rant over!




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  1. Your past exoeriences have made you what you are today. To those that know you, you are kind, caring, generous to a fault. Just don't upset you!

  2. I don't necessarily think you're as mean as you make out there. Admittedly I'm still fairly new to being let in on your life, mind..

    But I do very much, understand where you're coming from. Every let-down, every bitter experience does take something away from you, but it also adds something else.

    I don't necessarily subscribe to the same beliefs though, as I would rather believe the best in somebody until proven otherwise regardless of whether the outcome is the same for you or me.

    But for me, it is lovely to hear a different viewpoint, to have someone to bounce ideas off and to learn from too and for that I am very grateful 🙂

  3. I don't think you're quite as mean as you make out, although I should qualify that with a caveat that I'm still very new to being let in on your life…

    But I do understand where you're coming from. After all, things Good and Bad impact on our lives, taking from us as well as allowing us to gain things and experiences.

    I believe we do differ in our outlooks on life though, as I would rather believe the best in people and be disappointed (preferably not, of course) than to believe the worst straight off. To you, that might seem naive, or even stupid at best.

    Life is a learning curve though, and I know I have good people, such as yourself to help provide a different perspective, allowing me to bounce ideas off, as well as for me to provide the odd hug when required 🙂

  4. I wish I was outgoing, never really have been, apart from when I had a lass in Cheltenham that I dated for 9 months. Now I dont go anywhere on my own, the idea of it scares the hell out of me.
    I used to spend alot of time in Yahoo Pool with a few mates, and we used to rip the shit out of alot of people, and I learnt to have a thick skin from that, I even used to tell people what to say to try and insult me as they wasnt very good.
    I'm now like you with the pessimistic views, thinking the worst rather than leaving yourself open to being hurt etc.
    I too have an armour, my defenses are always up with new people etc, and I judge, which I know is wrong, but I will tell people that I misjudged them, I cant not, in that way i'm too open. But overall i'm a big softie, and the people that know me well know this.
    So I identify with your post alot, maybe not in the exact same ways, but close.

    Thank You for the interesting read into your mind.

  5. "I would rather expect the worst and be pleasantly surprised than put my faith in people or things just to yet again be let down."

    i tend to think like this the majority of the time, there are odd occasions where im not really thinking and something comes along, gets me all happy and excited then lets me down but i guess thats just life.

    i love your posts and i find this one especially inspirational 🙂

    xxx <3 xxx

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