Do stretch marks ruin a woman’s body?

Do stretch marks ruin a woman’s body?

What does a perfect body for a woman even look like?

Sunday Morning sinful sunday photo cara sutra stretch marksGot this comment on one of my photos (where you can see some of my stretch marks – gasp, horror) yesterday which made me laugh. From a cosmetic surgeon, funnily enough.

hi baby best figure

but baby u have lots of stretch marks get them treated u will be just yummy

My reply?

Ill be yummy after I get the stretch marks removed? Yes I have stretch marks. Im a real woman, Ive had a baby – and a life. Im proud of the fact I’m real, not some cut to pieces, re-injected, fake tanned out of all human skin tone range, photo shopped, air brushed, pop candy, lad mag star wanna be. I’m me, I’m a mum, I’m real, this is how I look in real life. I don’t remove my hair/teeth/tits any other part of my body when I get into bed, I still look like who I am. Don’t like it? Get a blow up doll.

How sad that a woman can’t be just pale, with yes her marks from life, having lived. I dont think my stretch marks are excessive but I have had two pregnancies. Things happened in my life before the pregnancies that has led to other faded marks. I’m not a victim in life, I’m a soldier.

Jerks like this are part of the reason women find it so difficult to accept themselves, in a physical way never mind anything else – and then accept that someone else really accepts them. What the world often sees as physical flaws about a woman are just her unique aspects – what makes somebody physically perfect, anyway? It certainly isn’t symmetry – if you’ve ever seen photo-shops of a perfectly symmetrical face it just looks odd and unnatural. It is within our very flaws that beauty lies, in my opinion.

I won’t have a tummy tuck or a boob job, but then the only thing silicone about me when I do get (even!) older will be half the contents of my sex toys collection.




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  1. Great reply about getting a sex doll instead of a woman. My wife has stretch marks, too, from our children, and I love her more for our shared life.

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