Sexy bathtime story

Sexy bathtime story

Bath Bubbles

Who doesn’t love a sexy bathtime story? xx

Sexy bathtime story Bath Bubbles 1The day had been long and arduous. Clicking off from my work, I sighed and rubbed at the tension in my temples.

The deep, hot, bubbly bath that my man had thoughtfully run for me awaited upstairs. Slipping him a grateful smile I moved from the lounge and made my way up, unbuttoning and unfastening my clothes as I went.

By the time I got to the bathroom I was standing in just my lace g-string and the rest of the clothes made an untidy pile in the doorway. Pulling my hair free. I shook my head and then eyed myself in the mirror. I looked tired. Running my hands over the classical cinch of my waist and enjoying the dramatic flare of my hips, I peeled off the string and dipped a toe into the comforting heat with a shiver of sudden corporeal need.

Relaxing into the luxurious depths with an audible moan, I lay back and closed my eyes. I love this time of day; a chance to separate from the manic and demanding world and stop all thoughts other than the immediate calming, soothing sensations washing over me, body and mind.

Thoughts of physical satiating remained in body and mind too. The heat spreading at my sex was definitely not merely due to the lapping water that teasingly licked against me there.

Reaching down, I playfully tugged at my sparkling clit piercing. All piercing related pains had long since passed and the time of enjoyment with this private and sexual little jewel had arrived. Pressing in, I could feel the jewelled bar rubbing against my slowly hardening clit. Small shudders washed over me as I reached up with my other hand to take a slippery, soapy nipple between fingers and squeeze… resulting in a demanding throb from my wanting, wanton pussy.

My fingers at my clit spread out to teasingly stroke over my smooth, half-submerged in the bath, pussy lips and probing deftly and greedily inside. The thumb of my right hand pressing the VCH bar against my whimpering clit, whilst my fingers curled around to toy with my pulsing, throbbing pussy walls, clenching around them with their demands for relief.

Sexy bathtime story Bath Bubbles 2My mind is slipping away to its sexy bathtime story fantasies now as quickly as my body is heading for that tumultuous fall over the edge into abandoned bliss.

Half soapy bubble covered naked breasts protrude from the bath as my arms encapsulate them in the moment, one arm curved around to attend to my pussy and the other tantalisingly tormenting the electrified nipples and the entire area of tingling shapely flesh.

Head laying back against the top edge of the bath, my hair half wet, half dry, thrown back in wild disarray as my eyes squeeze shut and I escape to that place of ultimate erotica in my mind.

Fingers thrust deeply inside myself as my thumb slowly moves across the surface of my pierced hood… the clit not only alert but straining, screaming in my mind for its attention. Hard and deep jolts connecting my clit and my g-spot which I am aiming to press against on the other side, on the inside.

Breaths coming shallow and ragged now, audible moans coming unbidden but unstoppable. A stark heat suffuses me, my throat catches with the height of the moment and the dark flashing heat strikes through my body like liquid lightning. Spreading and enclosing me, throat, breasts, the very depths of my stomach and capturing my sex entirely and with a thread deep inside my pussy feeling like it connects back at my throat all the way up my middle.

Sexy bathtime story Bath Bubbles 3I am dancing so dangerously close to that edge now… I can see the start of that delicious journey, that tumble through pure pleasure. There is a code to begin it, a code only my fingers know. They dance inside me and fulfil my longing, my need. As my pussy pulsates around my fingers, I brush against my g-spot and the tremors begin.

Sparks of light inside my brain, dizzying, addictive, blindingly blissful.

I yelp out against it, trying to slow time to enjoy this journey for longer, as I tumble Alice style through the most pleasurable sensations known to a person.

All too soon the trembling and shuddering slows as my climax ebbs away, leaving my body soothed, relaxed and my mind contented and empty for at least a little while.

I do so enjoy bathtimes! I hope you enjoyed my sexy bathtime story…




  1. OOh SUCh a lovely blog post, Mistress!

    Now You've got my clitty tingling and throbbing, and my labia swelling and blooming apart. A few words and I am wanting nothing more but to press my lips to Your sweetness and coax more climaxes from You, for as long as You desire.

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