Sapphic Fantasies And Glass Dildos

Sapphic Fantasies And Glass Dildos

Will my Sapphic fantasies ever be made real?

Lately I have been reading some very hot, very saucy blogs by my delicious friends. Take a look at the ‘Blogs I Follow list on the right hand side to see what I mean…

Glass dildos and lesbian fantasies 1

This has not helped the insatiable lesbian slut part of me at all. In fact I can now barely go 10 minutes without having another filthy thought…

For instance, take glass dildos. These are so popular, and for good reason. Made of toughened unbreakable glass, moulded into a sensual curved, shaped for orgasmic precision shape, these toys feel addictively delicious when used to probe a wanton pussy or even used anally…

Add to this the fact you can warm them in hot water or cool in the fridge (or freezer) first… delicious temperature extremes for sensation fanatics like me.

Seems I am not the only one who loves glass dildos.

She lay back on the bed after selecting her favourite. She had been wanting this all day, but hectic times and busyness had kept her from this pleasure, physically if not mentally. Her pussy felt almost aflame with the hidden passion, the insane surge of need coursing through her, neck to clit.

Her knickers were saturated. She lay on the bed just stroking a fingertip over the wetness, through the flimsy material and her other hand reached up to pinch a straining with protest pink nipple.  Her nerve endings seemed to be just one mass of jingling, sex shuddering, urgent need.
The icy glass dildo lay next to her. She had already stripped down to basics, the trail of clothes strewn across the bedroom showing a clear line of rushed anticipation for this moment. Oh yes, the stresses of today were going to be literally melted away…

I wander in the door to find her lying there, lazily enjoying these thoughts and feelings. I pad over to her, silently, our eyes meeting as I enjoy just the pure atmosphere of electrically charged lust.

Sitting on the end of the bed I take in her body, shirt still caught around her but unbuttoned, her breasts spilling forth and nipples hard, hard like the iced glass but blushing now a deep rosy pink from the constant pinches between her thumb and fingers…. her knickers showing the spreading juices that I know taste so delicious.

I reach over and slide one finger up the inside of her spread thighs. Her head falls back at the same time as her eyes slide shut, sighing out her need, her want. I crawl further up the bed and just enjoy her like this a moment, teasing her.
Picking up the icy glass, I place it to her neck. She jumps, gasps and mutters some profanity. I chuckle softly and hush her. I know she loves it really.

The goosebumps spreading over her, from neck, down to her chest, the curve out of her breasts and over her now diamond nipples show me how on edge she is… it also makes my pussy ache with need and my clit insists on moaning fiercely for her.

candy cane glass dildo review - CS-10I run the iced toy down her chest, between her breasts and she jolts physically. I place a finger underneath her pussy, over her now slippery saturated knickers, and draw it upwards, so slowly, dragging it over and between her spread lips and up to circle around her hard clit…
Fingers moving upwards as the iced toy I move either side to circle around the nipples… I lean in to kiss her lips softly but she is lost now, lost on that sea of sensations. I love holding her like this, on the very edge, so close to that blazing light but her journey will be in my own time, she will reach the destination only when I say so and I will carry her there myself.

I’m close to her now. Between her legs I kneel as she lays not almost horizontal on the bed, just spread back against the soft headboard. Sat half up on the mass of pillows I can play her and over her like my very own toy.

The heat emanating from her is immense. I can feel my own pearls of need leaking out from under me and I slip out of my top so I am just in the boyshorts I wear round the house. My breasts echo her sentiments with achingly tingling nipples and I am covered in goosebumps. Not from the cold, from the want.

One of those glass dildos plays over her stomach, my fingers switch ends of her body and as I teasingly blow across her face between butterfly kisses, my fingers flick her nipples softly as the glass toy slides and melts, slides and melts. The watery trail just makes her radiate her beauty even more, the glistening soft skin calling to every part of me.

After some time teasing like this, over her waist, hips and the feminine soft curve of her stomach, I reach the waist band of her knickers. My knee is positioned against her at this point, feeling the heat and wetness directly against me and moving every so often to give a consistent friction and stimulation, forcing those moans out of her that she knows I love hearing.

This will never do. I want flesh to glass. Glass dildos in flesh. I set down the toy a second to remove her sodden underwear and reveal her perfectly formed, pretty and plump smooth pussy, smouldering hot and glistening, seeping with her desire. That.. is much better.

I place the still cold glass over her bare mound, making her shudder for the god knows how many times. She bites her bottom lip, hard, and looks straight at me for a second, that contradictory mix of accusatory and demanding that can only come during a passionate frenzied attack on her body.

I smile, and shush her back …

I move the toy downwards and it rests over her clit, which I know for a fact is screaming for this attention. I lean in and place my mouth over her nipple, just resting over it, no teeth or tongue on it for the moment. Just the sensation of the O of my mouth around it, as the ice glass is against her button.

She moans and claws, grabs for me. I growl.

With a sudden flicking lick over her nipple I move the toy down, slowly, determinedly. It slides so, so easily between her slick, silky lips and rests at her entrance. She moans, begging me. She wants me to take her with it. The cold refreshes her, the feeling of the icy unrelenting but so perfectly crafted ice pulling the demands from her mouth almost without her realising. I need to take her. Now.

With a firm grip, and my mouth exploring her nipples and neck… I plunge the glass deep into her. She reaches up and her arms come to be about my neck. I’m making love to her now, she is holding onto me, clinging while I take her through this journey of pleasure. Yes, I want you like that, needing me, feeling the sensations, sensing your own release.

The glass curves into her, and upwards. seeking out the raised bump there. The cool end rubs firmly across this surface of nerve endings and she utters such gutteral sounds of longing, no words, just the sound of pleasure.

When my fingers travel over her slick hard clit, expertly circling… I know she is there. She will orgasm for me… and she does. Body jolting, shuddering, the high pitched wail she emits causing matching shudders through my own… my pussy clenching and pulsating in empathetic ecstasy as I watch her fall over that edge, tipping, gloriously into the golden light of bliss.

Glass dildos and lesbian fantasies 2

Finally she comes to rest and I do not immediately remove the toy, I know it feels a wrench to have that delicious piece removed so suddenly. Instead I leave it in a while, not stopping movements immediately but just slowing down… slow, slow movements of the toy within her until I feel she has come to a complete stop of the nerve ending carousel. I let my hand rest with the toy still in her and some pressure still to her clit.

She sighs and opens her eyes, looking at me appreciatively, without words. No words are required, we both know it’s what she wants and deserves.

Slowly, I remove the toy. Bringing it to my lips while Im still looking into the depths of her eyes, I can’t help but sate my hunger for her taste. My tongue darts out to connect with the now hot, messy, moulded form of the glass, slick and dripping with her juices. She tastes, as ever, exquisite.

I lick and suck the toy until it’s clean once more. Laying it to rest, I straddle her and we kiss, our mouths exploring one anothers, she tastes herself on my lips and tongue and I enjoy being within her once more.

Once we have embraced for long enough I know I will resume her relaxation by using my tongue directly on and in her.. where she still leaks her post orgasmic juices. But for now, we lay, both happy and contented, in each others arms, enjoying the warm, sticky embrace of two naked lovers bodies, all curves and flesh and glistening wet after the peak of gloriously icy glass dildos.

Just a dream I spill out, to share with you. Just a dream…

For now…






  1. Too much hey? I will have to catch up with your next blog to see exactly what you mean…. 😉 Kisses xxx

  2. Ohh my what delicious pleasures U describe.. this one had me enthralled from start to finish.. and may I say.. yumm U triggered visions of my fave fantasy of bring the toy to ur lips savouring the taste of the dripping sweet nectar .. love the piccies as well 😛

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