A Quick Guide To Sex Lubes: Razzels, Swiss Navy, ID Glide & TENGA Egg Lotion

A Quick Guide To Sex Lubes

Including Razzels, Swiss Navy, ID Glide & TENGA Egg Lotion

It’s been a great pleasure to sample some lovely new sex lubes lately and wanted to share my research with you.

California Fantasies Razzels Romance Kit Of Flavoured Lubes

(7 pillow packs of Flavoured Warming Sugar Free Lubes)

This is a great idea. A way to sample all your favourite water based warming lubes by the gorgeous California Fantasies, all in one sampler pack.

This pack is full of 7 trial sizes of the California Fantasies Razzels Romance Kit Of Flavoured Lubes, the flavours are:

•Wild Watermelon
•Pleasurable Green Apple
•Sensational Orange
•Kissable Cherry
•Sinful Strawberry
•Tropical Teeze
•Krysstal natural waterbased lube sachet

The pouches only look small but I can tell you that they are really long lasting!

I would advise that the tastes are more manufactured than a natural fruit taste, but still absolutely divinely edible for licking from a partner or just to make playtime a whole lot more fun.

The lube is more a novelty item than actually slippery lube, so if pure slipperiness is what you are after, go for the Swiss Navy / ID Glide, or Sliquid Silver silicone lube (for couple or solo play without silicone sex toys)

Sliquid Silver Silicone Lube cara sutra review-1

The California Fantasies Razzels Romance Kit Of Flavoured Lubes is presented nicely in a plastic packet displaying the 7 easy to open sachets perfectly. All nicely coloured to make them attractive, this would be a perfect gift either for a partner or a good friend.

Use only a drop or two at a time, remember you are cleaning up with your tongue 😉 The tastes are sweet but not overpoweringly sickly sweet… and they make for a hugely enjoyable experience every time. Also, they are sugar free so no worries for your teeth or your waist line. Perfect.

Of course when you find your favourite, you can return to an online sex shop of your choice to purchase the larger size of your favourite flavour so it’s always on hand.

If you already know which flavour you love – just find them and buy them full sized.

ID Glide Natural Feel Lube 5.5oz

A Quick Guide To Sex Lubes Razzels Swiss Navy ID Glide And TENGA Egg Lotion-3

The staple of your lube collection, ID Glide Natural Feel lube is waterbased, slippery, lasting, odourless and 100% body safe for all types of pleasure play!

The bottle itself is easy to hold (I have the 5.5oz bottle) having an indent for your fingers. Very thoughtful considering how slippery things are bound to get using this product!

Condom and latex compatible you can use this with all your toys as well as each other.

The perfect lube, essential for every bedroom.

ID Glide Sensation Warming Lube 1oz

A Quick Guide To Sex Lubes Razzels Swiss Navy ID Glide And TENGA Egg Lotion-4

Another great lube from the ID range. I already have the ID Glide Natural Feel (waterbased) so was pleased to be able to give the ID Glide Sensation warming lube a go too.

This product actually does what it says on the bottle! It starts off lovely and slippery, normal lubricant. After a while there is a spreading warmth, very sensual and almost comforting!

Your skin will be cradled with heat and you will be suffused with passion.

Would be ideal for a seductive massage too!

Swiss Navy Waterbased Lube 20ml

A Quick Guide To Sex Lubes Razzels Swiss Navy ID Glide And TENGA Egg Lotion-5

I am a great fan of lubes in general, I think they are essential in any form of sexual play, whether solo or as a couple.

Water based lubes are the best all rounders as they are entirely body safe plus at the same time will not damage condoms (latex compatible) or your silicone toys (which silicone lubes can damage).

I wanted to try out this Swiss Navy lube, having heard so much about it, positive all the way! I have the trial 20ml bottle of this lube and a little bit really does go a long way.

Not only is it waterbased and incredibly slippery, but there is no odour at all, and no after effect of stickiness or gloopiness that you can get with some cheaply manufactured lubes.

Swiss Navy waterbased lube is a quality product, by a famous and well established brand, you can put your trust in it.

Add Swiss Navy waterbased to your lube collection today.

Flower Balm Orgasm Booster for Her (7g tin)

A Quick Guide To Sex Lubes Razzels Swiss Navy ID Glide And TENGA Egg Lotion-6

You can’t beat this value! At £3.95 this is definitely an item you want in your bedroom essentials collection. The packaging is neat and niftily handbag-sized. It’s portable – easy to slip into your pocket for on-the-go action!

The lid is easy to remove and the scent is a bit like Tiger Balm but without the overpowering nostril-burning menthol edge. There’s a slight lemon-drizzle-with-flowery-fragrances aroma.

The underside of the small tin shows the ingredients and the fascia is as shown. It’s a very innocent-looking pot. I would advise hiding this so children (or anyone else) don’t mistake it for a lip balm!

When combined with foreplay or masturbation this balm really does leave you subtly tingling and more sensitive to stimulation, whether on your nipples, clitoris or labia. There was no adverse reaction from this and in fact it helps to condition the skin, thanks to the almond oil contained within!

I only needed a small amount in order to maximise self-stimulation, and will prepare myself with this when enjoying my partner. The tub will last a while, which really does make it good value.

There’s a large range of sex enhancers and arousing balms available at Lovehoney.

Tenga Egg Lotion

I got this Tenga Egg lotion as my partner really enjoys using the Tenga Eggs themselves.

He also recently became the proud owner of the Tenga Eggs pack of 6 masturbator eggs which is a bumper pack of penis stimulating sex toys. You can buy the TENGA Eggs here at UberKinky too.

A Quick Guide To Sex Lubes Razzels Swiss Navy ID Glide And TENGA Egg Lotion-7

This Tenga Egg lotion is waterbased so perfect to use not just with your Tenga Eggs but also any toy, or even just yourself!

I love the fact that there is actually a lubricant on the market specifically aimed at men, too often we see the majority of bedroom novelties aimed at a female audience.

This is thankfully now all changing to become fairer to all genders, and this lube will sit proudly in your man’s (or your, if you are the man!) collection of toys and essentials, along with the Tenga Eggs, TENGA sex toys and Fleshlight luxury masturbators for men as well as the rest you can find in the male toys department.

Odourless and almost endlessly slippery, this lube will last you for ages.

Excellent and another top quality trust worthy product from the fabulous TENGA.

Cara Sutra Njoy Eleven Dildo Sliquid Lubes-3

These are just a few sex lubes ideas that you might like to add to your bedroom collection. Enjoy fun and body-safe slippery sensations and have a great time shopping for them online.


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