Cocktails And Kisses

Cocktails And Kisses

Double Dirty Girl Date: Enjoying cocktails and kisses with D

I spent a wonderful day yesterday in the company of a beautiful, creative, artistic, wonderful woman who shall be named D. It was definitely a sexy lesbian encounter to remember.

Sexy Lesbian Encounter 3

We had been speaking online for a while, progressing to msn and text, the usual. Not merely cyber sex, some power exchange fun and also day to day life chat. She seemed to really care about me and I about her, our lives, so separate but similar in striking ways too.

Sharing a love for the dramatic and theatrical, she realises the importance of romance and emotion.

We both have our men in our lives, but as you will know from reading my past blog posts, there is something missing for a lot of women. Personally I feel a lot more women are bi than they either realise or feel comfortable admitting.

Finally a chance came to actually meet face to face. Nerves struck as usual, about a week before actually. However I have been swallowing them and putting them out of my mind all week until Saturday morning arrived and with it the realisation that I would actually be meeting her. In reality. In the flesh. Our flesh, together.

Mike kindly gave me a lift over to the city of our mutual choice. I sat for a while in the shopping centre cafe, having arrived early, sipping much black coffee in the hope for alertness. Clothes feeling tight and suddenly feeling less than attractive, I gulped it down as the clock ticked round to the selected time.

Finally she texted that she had arrived. I felt cold yet so hot. Contradictory feelings as usual. Confident but shy, self conscious. Hot but freezing. Calm exterior, ruffled and racing inside.

When we finally met I was struck how pretty she is. Tall yes, perfectly so. She looks like a model.. We embraced and her scent sang to me. Mike left us and we made some small talk, leaving the shopping centre cafe to find somewhere more relaxing, an ambient atmosphere. Possibly with alcohol.

Laughing, chatting and giggling down the street I had no idea where I was going. My sense of direction is hazy at the best of times (I got lost in a small shopping centre once, only finding my way out by back tracking the shops I’d been in *blush*) but I was hoping that in such a vibrant city there would be a Wetherspoons or a Yates or somesuch large comfortable bar nearby.

We walked, well, wandered for a while before admitting defeat. Turning heel we saw a Slug & Lettuce so chose to dive in there, despite the busy bustle and the football starting up. D led the way, very confident and striding through the crowds with me loitering and feeling a fool in her wake.
Grabbing a suddenly free table near the bar, I made myself comfortable as we discussed drinks. She removed her jacket and… oh my god. Her dress. My favourite colour, deep red, cut so low, displaying her perfect cleavage and ample breasts to perfection. My breath caught in my throat as I stared, dazed, like an idiot. Rabbit in headlights.She giggled wickedly and asked (again) what I would like to drink. I muttered the first thing that came to mind, my usual, vodka and diet coke. The waitress who had seemingly suddenly appeared at our table (who could blame her) took the order, mentioned something about doubles and I nodded dumbly. Shit -why did I do that – I’m already feeling fuzzy and I haven’t even started yet! D ordered something non alcoholic – what was her plan exactly, I wondered, nervously.After a while the conversation flowed naturally and we volleyed wit and sparkling humour like the best. The buzz of the bar echoed our enjoyment and the alcohol relaxed me to a more confident feel within myself.Dispensing with single drinks D ordered a jug of Long Island Iced Tea next. Perfect. A woman that just dives right in. I like that.

The time was spinning out of my control, we only had the afternoon together and I was aware it was slipping away and we hadn’t even connected physically yet, no matter how either of us wanted to. I guessed she wanted to. I wasn’t sure. I wanted to kiss her but at a table in a busy bar wasn’t exactly the best place. I pushed this mental debate down to a quiet murmur in my mind as we finished the last of the cocktail jug (with a laugh – as the last two glasses were pure ice cubes) and it was my turn to choose next.

Gazing at the drinks menu which seemed to melt to a blur of alcoholic themed words in front of me, I picked out a familiar favourite… Italian Kiss.

I did choose it for the Martini involved (we are the beautiful people doncha know *mwah*), not for the urban meaning, which I only found out today! Probably a good job I didn’t know that yesterday actually. My confidence would have all but evaporated!

Finally the chat, laughter and alcohol had to come to an end as D needed to leave to avoid traffic and get back home. We sighed and made our way back to the shopping centre where we were both getting picked up … her by her wandering man (who had been wandering the streets all afternoon to leave us to get on with it -bless) and me by Mike who I would text once ready.

D and I did some final rounds of the shops, the alcohol having soothed us into a comfortable friendly bond now. Still hadn’t kissed despite a couple of girly visits to the bathroom together.

We hugged and said goodbye and she made her way back to her car where her man would be waiting. I sat and texted Mike and kicked and cursed myself for not grabbing and kissing her.

Sighing and writing off the afternoon as much fun but possibly a missed opportunity… I made my way round John Lewis in the centre for a final window shop before Mike arrived. Then, a sudden volley of texts between D and I, beginning with her:

‘I’m not lost, I’m temporarily misplaced.’

‘I wanted to kiss you, but didn’t want to freak you out!’

‘I’m by GAP… come and kiss me then 😛 ‘

It was like a film. I turned on my heel and determinedly strode out of John Lewis, to the sudden startled looks of the Saturday staff and shoppers alike.

She was facing away from me, just having stepped off the escalator there… I grabbed her arm from behind, swung her round and kissed her deeply. I’m sure I could hear the score from Gone with the Wind.

Ignoring the passing groups of whistling, pack animal, lecherous men, shouting lewd suggestions and what they supposedly took for compliments, we broke free for air and smiled at each other.

‘I’m glad you found me again.’

‘Me too’, I replied.

Embracing and kissing for a few minutes more, pulling away to the side of the centre instead of right in the centre of the crowds, we enjoyed a lovely fumble and probing embrace. She tasted delicious. Perfect.

Setting off arm in arm wandering, hazy, not really looking where we were going, I slipped my arm round her every so often and kissed her cheek and shoulder… we didn’t want to have to part, it was too cruel.

I spotted Mike waiting for me on the corner, and she too knew she must finally go. I handed over the gifts I had brought for her (sex toys and lube, of course!) and made to separate at last.

With a final kiss we parted ways, promised to meet up again soon – and get a room this time. Not sure why two women kissing in public is seen as dirty yet a man and a woman are seen as romantic. That is a debate for another day, I guess.

The trip home was punctuated not only by sensual and erotic text messages between us, but also highly arousing titanium flicks against my clit from the poor state of the roads. I wasn’t complaining … despite the involuntary moans.

My dreams last night were filled with the taste of her lips. D must stand for delicious, deviant and divine. Perfection.

Can’t wait til next time we have a sexy lesbian encounter. Thank you D for a beautiful and perfect day.




  1. Hey Fiona and Ecks 😉

    Thanks for the comments! Yes I have a weakness for drama and romance (can you tell, lol)

    And Ecks it will happen. Just remember to grab those opportunities where you can. And not just opportunities either 😉

    Rawr !

    Cara xxxx

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