Teased by vibrators & an orgasm diary

Teased by vibrators & an orgasm diary

sexy webcam show top tips Teased by vibratorsI’m feeling very tired, tender and tingling! mmm…. vibrators…

A busy week of blogging has kept me distracted somewhat but it is getting increasingly difficult to ignore the spreading heat and tingles of need in my sex, particularly around my poor denied, chaste, throbbing pierced clit.

The sparkling diamante end of the barbell rubs against my erect clit as I walk, as I sit, as I do anything. A constant reminder of my need and growing urgency to climax.

A week today since my last orgasm, I haven’t been chaste this long in…. years.

My lovely friends have all enjoyed teasing me and to tell the truth, I have been rather enjoying it, in an entirely perverted, masochistic way! There is something to be said for anticipation rather than instant gratification. A teasing build up, time to enjoy the racing sensations, along with thoughts and fantasies, punctuated in a very real way by the titanium bar tugging and stimulating the tight bundle of nerve endings waiting rather impatiently to erupt.

I haven’t been dissuading any teasing; rather, I have been actively encouraging it!

All this brings me to a crossroads: I feel that I could orgasm right now, if I lay my sweet vibrating bullet just under the bar and against my clit… soothing it to it’s long awaited explosion. This however would mean that I break my orgasm training regime whereby I want to be able to have ‘hand made’ orgasms again, without the use of a vibrator. I can’t very well rub my clit to orgasm right now, with the bar so new and tender… I’m feeling so teased by vibrators right now.

sqweel go USB Rechargeable Oral Sex Simulator review Teased by vibratorsI could use my butt plugs and combine with one of my vibrators in my pussy… but this will not necessarily lead to climax for me. I have always been very much a clit stimulation sort of girl.

Yes, I do regret not training for penetrative orgasms now I’m being mercilessly teased by vibrators! Perhaps I should give my Sqweel an outing, after all I do require a soothing licking all over my jewelled hood and fiercely plump clit.

For the moment, the enjoyment of tease and denial outweighs the need for orgasm. I am a woman after all, patient, used to suffering.

When the need for orgasm overtakes the enjoyment, I will reach for my favourite vibrator and Sqweel sex toy. For now….

The tenderness, teasing and tingles continue.

I have a clit complex… and a complex clit!

Until next time, stay teasingly sexy, blog angels


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  1. It sounds to me as if Mistress needs more gentle kisses on that poor chaste clit.

    *uses tongue to gently press the bar*

    How does it feel when you Kegel-squeeze?

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