Lingerie shopping advice guide for real women

Lingerie shopping advice guide for real women

Buyer’s guide for comfortable sexy lingerie

Lingerie shopping advice guide for real women 1So what is it with lingerie designers thinking women don’t want to feel sexy all day? Recently I started to shop for more sexy lingerie. I’m running low in that department! Yes, I know, hard to believe.

The majority of my sexiness is contained in small clubbing outfits, corsets and fetish wear. You know, the usual: latex, PVC, leather. Hundreds of shoe boxes piled high with stripper heels, boots with length choices of ankle, mid calf, knee or thigh and plenty of dress shoes and others.

Then it hit me: What about the bottom (so to speak) layer?

A few days ago I finally got round to throwing out anything in my wardrobes that wasn’t pretty or sexy. You know the sort of thing, girls.

Those faded ‘big pant’ knickers that are oh-so-comfy but oh-so-grey.

The thong that’s hanging onto life by a few desperate, tenuous threads.

The comfy/slobby t-shirt that’s about 3 dress sizes too big that you hide in round the house on ‘those’ days. Actually, I think that’s a man’s t-shirt. No matter.

Possibly the pyjamas that have almost worn through round the crotch area then when you read the label, you realise why they’re so comfy… ah… ‘maternity’. Shame.

Well anyway. All gone. This spring cleaning of my drawers (ha! see what I did there) has left a vacuous space (stop it) which desperately needs filling (I give up).

Lingerie shopping advice guide for real women 2Time to devote a bit of time to lingerie shopping! I hit the sexy lingerie button on my favourite lingerie shopping website, and had a browse.

Unfortunately, a lot of the admittedly lovely and lacy items seem to be designed to be worn for a maximum of half an hour, during which time your lover oohs, ahhs, caresses, undresses, does the business then puts the kettle on. The latter may just be a personal habit.

I want to wear my sexy lingerie during the day! Not just for a partner but for ME. I want to feel sexy, seductive, confident. Have a raunchy little secret that I only I know, that I may care to share with a lover if they’re lucky.

What I do not want is to become an annoyed, slightly sticky with persipiration, entangled mess of lace and ribbons gathered round my middle with my trousers round my ankles tripping me over every time I need to *whispers* use the loo.

So, all-in-one bodices are out at the end of that round of shopping. There is a time and place for a £30-50 all in one lace body that I’ll be able to wear for 30-60 mins max and frankly, it’s when I’m not paying.

I’ve put together a list of the lingerie that I’m planning to own in the near future, to build up my sumptuous sexy lingerie collection.

Find Cara Sutra’s Lovehoney wishlist here. I’m always on the look out for more items of lingerie that can be worn all day, under work clothes or jeans or whatever you wish.

My favourites are:

Penthouse Lingerie Cherry Bra and Panty Set

Penthouse Lingerie Cupcake Bra and Panty Set

G World Fishnet Bra Set

Seven Til Midnight Bra with Polka-Dot Ribbon and Matching G-String (in pink or black)

Forplay Luxe Secret Desires Bra Set

Music Legs Mesh Two Tone Halter Bra and Thong Set

and the fabulously sexy:

G World Seduction 4 Piece Garter Set

I hope you enjoyed my little delve into the world of lingerie for real women, who not only love sex, but live & breathe it too!

Until next time, stay sexy, blog angels!



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  1. Good post!

    I'm even worse off. I'm sure all lingerie and underwear is designed by women who have a personal grudge against any woman who is above a D cup. It doesnt make lingerie shopping easy for me. I'll just have to admire it on you 😉

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