Body Piercings Diary

Body Piercings Diary

Cara Sutra Sinful Sunday Flesh Corset Body Piercings DiaryWell as you will all remember, I bloggedΒ a few weeks ago to kick off my body piercings diary. Yesterday, on a lovely sunny day out with minnie, I had these done!

We travelled to the same lovely piercing and tattoo parlour that we used for minnie’s nipples last time, Apus Body Art (I figured he never bled or had any pain, so I’d be fine) and I signed up for both the navel and the vertical clitoral hood piercings before I could change my mind.

True, a Monday morning after a late and hazy Sunday night may not have left me in the most rational, clear and sane frames of mind but nonetheless I’d wanted them done for a while. No time like the present.

And what a present they were! The lovely girl at Apus explained the procedures thoroughly to me and allowed me to choose the jewellery I wanted in each piercing. I chose a diamante titanium for my clit and a dark pink stone surrounded with gold coloured titanium for my belly-button. Pretty!

She took them through to the small clinical room and I was informed that the worst one would be done first, the clit. Reassuring! Removing my underwear, I laid on the bed. Nervously. Looking up, I saw a gap above the walls of the cubicle style room and knew that there was a crowd of people in the foyer, including minnie, waiting. I was determined not to make a screaming scene.

Showing me that the needles were sterile she warned I’d have to take a deep breath. Hang on don’t they numb piercings- OUCH! – that hurt! She grabbed my clit hood firmly and stuck the needle straight through. The pain! Well that was the worst part over.

But then again… -OUCH!… – she had to attach the ball to the other side of the piercing and that absolutely killed. Right. All done there.

The navel one was wonderful, she was able to freeze and numb the area with a special spray. She explained (after the event, funnily enough) that they couldn’t freeze genital ones and the spray would probably dissolve the skin. Lovely.

It was all in all quite a painful day yesterday. I was expecting the clit piercing to continue being the most painful but it was in fact the navel one that caused the most discomfort. Took hours to stop bleeding and even after three changes of clothes it still hurt when I moved. It’s in just the right place to be disturbed when you bend in any way and the movement of the metal caused both fresh pain and bleeding.

By 7pm I was ready for bed. minnie took his leave from my house, after a full day of shopping, lunching, chatting… and I would have fallen into bed if it weren’t for the metal and holes in various parts of me.

After bathing the clit with my rock salt wash and cleaning the navel one with the spray and cotton buds I was ready to turn in for the night. Trying to sleep on my back, unusually for me.

I do love my new piercings, I cannot wait to shop for more jewellery and of course take some pictures to show you lovely blog angels out there!

Day 2 of my new piercings today… wish me luck with my body piercings diary!




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