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GODEMICHE Orange Adam Halloween Dildo With Spiders – Pleasure Panel Review

Materials: Silicone

By Scandarella:
When a friend pointed this GODEMICHE Orange Adam Halloween Dildo With Spiders out to me, I was past myself with want. I literally panicked that it would sell out before I got a chance to buy one. I mean, I hate spiders in a smash the little ones with the nearest (longest) object I can find, and run screaming from the big ones kinda fashion, but the goth girl in me loves a bit of terror, and I needed to have this dildo in my life.

Review: SpareParts Hardwear Bella Lingerie Style Strap On Sex Harness

Materials: Nylon, Spandex

The SpareParts Hardwear Bella Lingerie Style Strap On Sex Harness doesn’t simply give you a pair of pants with a hole in the front though. Far from it. Firstly there’s the presentation. Bella comes in a black lidded box, which can be used as a storage box for this or other accessories, secured with a small and easily disposed of cardboard sleeve. Removing the sleeve and opening the box I found the elegance of black tissue paper discreetly obscuring and protecting the contents. Within this final flourish I found the main event, the Bella panty, as well as a netted laundry bag, 4 attachable suspender clasps and the cutest storage bag for a strap on panty ever. It feels like microfiber and looks like an evening clutch. I would have no qualms about using it as an evening bag either. The idea of taking my strap on panty out in its own storage bag which doubled as an evening bag really tickled me. Got everything? Phone – check. Keys – check. Strap on panty – check.

Review: Pipedream Ceramix No 5 Hollow Ceramic Dildo

Materials: Ceramic

From none at all, to two ceramic sex toys in my collection and pretty much instantaneously. Ok, so maybe a couple of weeks apart. You may recall that I recently tried out the Ceramic Dildo by Shiri Zinn, provided by ThatPosition, along with a Shiri Zinn leather strap on harness (same review). I loved both of those products for their functionality as well as their aesthetic pleasure.

Review: Shiri Zinn Red Soft Leather Strap On Harness & Red Ceramic Dildo

Materials: Ceramic, Leather

From the moment you are in close proximity to this strap on harness, you can tell it’s top quality. Why? The scent. That intoxicating scent of real leather, which is as arousing to leather aficionados as the sound of a Doxy wand to a deprived clit. So very evocative.

With a decorative flap at the back, I would be happy to wear this strap on harness over clothing, to a fetish event or kinky party. It’s not traditional black, and the decorative area is certain to draw all eyes. It’s simply too beautiful to be kept hidden away for bedroom purposes only. This is going to see the light of day, mark my words.

Review: Masque Sexual Flavours Oral Sex Chocolate Flavoured Gel Strips


When you’re planning on going down on him, or her, you place one gel strip on your tongue and as they dissolve, the gel strip releases intense flavour which masks the taste of his semen (or her juices, I guess) to make oral sex more bearable for you. If you have a problem with the taste during oral sex usually. Which I don’t, but these are a novel idea.