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Perfect Fit The Bumper Thrust Buffer Cock Ring Review | Pleasure Panel

Silicone, TPR
I decided to test the Perfect Fit The Bumper Thrust Buffer Cock Ring as I have difficulty having PIV sex in certain positions, my hubby is a bit on the big side and my cervix is quite sensitive and doesn't like being bashed around too much. I'd heard of thrust buffers before but I've never tried one out, until now!

Review: Hump Gear Humpable Butt Plug by Perfect Fit Brand

I won't lie, I was pretty scared when I first saw this product. I didn't need to measure it to know that it's large and in charge. I needed to take this because a) if he used it I wouldn't have a penis to hump it with, b) he would never be able to fit it in, and c) I needed to review this product for Perfect Fit and Planet Earth (the company, not the general good of all humankind).