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The Liquorice Box by Harper Valentine, Erotic Book Review | Pleasure Panel

Ohhh my goodness guys. You will not believe what a read this is. I’m not sure if I meant that facetiously or not. Mostly, I’m just sitting here, not believing it.

Red Hots Valentine Anthology with Caitlyn Lynch, Erotic Book Review | Pleasure Panel

By Meitiman: I feel like most people have a strong feeling about Valentine’s Day. Either they dismiss it entirely as just another day that has been twisted into an excuse to sell products (i.e. – candy, flowers, and lingerie) or they feel it is a sacred holiday to celebrate love and watch out if you’re the crazy man who breaks a girl’s heart on Valentine’s Day. The Red Hots Valentine Anthology caters to the latter half.

How to find subspace together this Valentine’s Day

Whether you agree with Valentine’s Day or not, February always brings out the romantic side of a relationship. Whether you bring your partner home a bunch of flowers, or you prefer to cuddle on the sofa with a takeaway and a film, it’s a time to celebrate your ‘togetherness’. For couples in a BDSM relationship, Valentine’s Day is a great reason to lock the door, dig out your collection of kinky treats and find subspace together.

Sexy Valentine’s Day Shopping Offers 2016

The annual celebration of romance is just around the corner, so it's time to take a look at the best Sexy Valentine's Day Shopping Offers 2016. Save money on your sex toys and sexy lingerie - whether you're arranging a saucy night in with a partner or planning on some self-seduction and well deserved me-time.

For a really alternative sex life this Valentine’s Day, go vanilla

The world has gone bondage mad. As if unrestrained restraint ‘outrageously’ demonstrated on morning TV wasn’t enough, everyone by now will be aware of the grey shaded movie being released on the 13th February. The day before Valentine’s Day. That’s right, it’s another year where we all go 50 shades of absolutely mad about bondage - and don’t forget the jiggle balls or lip balm, come to that. bettie page spanked and bondage in greyWith so much emphasis on being kinky and increasing expectation for adults across the world to be tied up and spanked this Valentine’s Day, it’s easy to feel just a little bit under pressure to perform. This should be the most romantic day of the year, traditionally, and pressure isn’t sexy. There’s really no need to feel guilty if you’re not a kinky type. The world may be Grey-obsessed but as long as your attention is on the one or ones you love that’s all that really matters. After all, Valentine’s Day is simply one day where we celebrate being able to publicly show what we should be feeling throughout the year.

Kinky Valentine’s Day Ideas: The Alternative Romance Of BDSM

By Cara Sutra: Hearts, flowers, wine, chocolates, greeting cards… all this and more equates to the very best in romance that you can give your partner on Valentine’s Day, to prove your depth of feeling for them. So says commercialism, anyway.

Sex News: Pre- Valentine’s Day launch for new Durex Embrace Gels

WIN: 3 x luxury weekend breaks 6 x Intimate dinners for two at top restaurants 9 x Romantic stays at boutique hotels 6 x Sets of designer underwear Plus lots of fun freebies

Why the obligatory romance of Valentine’s Day is stupid and insulting

“How to Bag a Man for Valentine’s Day” (because all women are straight, don’t forget) and if there should be a specific man in said Singleton’s sights (poor bloke), “10 Ways to Make Him Propose on Valentine’s Day” “6 of the Best Lingerie Sets to Make him Forget His Name, Hand Over His Wallet and Make Him Suck on Your High Heels While You Plan Your Wedding In Two Weeks Time” etc etc. You get my point.

Competition: Win Free Sex Toys, Pamper Kits & more this Valentine’s Day

You can win a bundle of gorgeous, sexy and romantic prizes as a treat for yourself, or to share with someone special this Valentine's Day, in my brand new and exciting competition. This competition is open worldwide and ends on February 9th. Just take a look at the prizes up for grabs:

Sexy Single Valentine’s Day Ideas

By Cara Sutra: If you don't have a partner, the 'hearts and chocolate brigade' can really grate on you every February. Get loved up! It's Valentine's Day! Are there any sexy single Valentine's Day ideas to help you enjoy a spectacular solo day?

Budget for love this Valentine’s Day with Bondara

Every year, it seems that no sooner have we packed away the Christmas baubles and swept away the New Year’s streamers, it’s time for...

MEO BDSM Breath Control Gas Mask Review

Plastic, Rubber
The MEO BDSM Breath Control Gas Mask was sent as part of a package destined for Pleasure Panel reviews, but I just couldn't help myself. I used to have a kinky gas mask, then through circumstances it became lost to me. Now, at last, I have a gas mask of my own to play with once again.

Clone A Pussy Hot Pink Kit Review | Pleasure Panel

Thank you to Cara and Simply Pleasure for giving me the opportunity to review this kinky and interesting kit, the Clone A Pussy Hot Pink Kit. Not many people can say that they have had a close and intricate look at their own pussy without the aid of a camera or mirror but I now can.

Black Friday Deals And Cyber Monday Offers

Black Friday Deals And Cyber Monday Offers Ready to make the best savings of the year? Replace broken sex toy favourites, bag some discount price...

DONA Sassy Tropical Tease Massage Candle Review | Pleasure Panel

By CandySnatch: When I saw the DONA by JO massage candles on this month’s Pleasure Panel round I was so hoping I’d get to try one. I was lucky enough to be selected by Cara to test the DONA Sassy Tropical Tease Massage Candle.

Expired: Win a Monogamy Adult Board Game & Fantasy Bondage Kit £100+ Bundle

By Cara Sutra: ‘Tis the season of romance, and Valentine’s Day is traditionally the time when lovers profess the depth of their feelings for one another with the help of a variety of gifts. However, the market saturation of chocolate hearts and red roses means that they don’t get everybody’s pulse racing; they can feel predictable and boring. As well as making your own exciting & unique plans to woo your lover, why not enter my new Valentine’s Day giveaway?

Goodbye 2016! It’s Been A Rollercoaster

By Cara Sutra: What a year 2016 has been. Personally, it’s been an absolute rollercoaster of emotions, running the gamut from the crushing depths of anxiety to dizzying relief, contentment and happiness. And that’s just in our little family. I know plenty of people who have had an extra challenging 2016 – some have had a truly terrible year – and then there’s the shocking and at times, depressing world events. Ugh, politics. Ugh, celebrity deaths. Ugh, 2016. Goodbye, and thanks for all the tears.

How To Be Romantic Without Spending Any Money

By Cara Sutra: It's so easy to be swept along into the great commercialisation of love and romance. To cave under the weight of the ads and believe that romance is measured in expensive bouquets, hotel stays, sparkling jewellery and weekends abroad. Don't me wrong – I love all that stuff. But it's definitely not required in order for me to know that my partner loves me. Whatever your bank balance, there are ways to be incredibly romantic without spending any money. Or at least, very little… using items you probably already have around your home.

O-Wand Vibrator Review: Better Than The Doxy Massager?

Plastic, Silicone
If you know anything about my sex toy preferences then you’ll know I absolutely love my Doxy Wand vibrator. It’s loud, sure; it’s also incredibly powerful and does the job every time no matter what. When O-Wand got in touch to ask whether I’d like to review their new O-Wand Vibrator I was intrigued but cynical. Could this new wand vibrator really knock my beloved Doxy Wand off the top spot in my bedside drawer?

How To Gift Lingerie She Loves For Christmas

By Mel MacFarlane: As a woman, I love opening expensive new lingerie on Christmas morning (hint, hint). I love the thought of my other half lovingly choosing the delicate fabrics, admiring the cut of the soft lace and his face as he dreams of me wearing it. I picture him assertively flicking through the hangers, and the final eureka moment when he spies the perfect garment to emphasise my long legs, disguise my saggy tummy and deliver a cleavage to die for.