Bijoux Indiscrets Sequin Burlesque Pasties Review | Pleasure Panel


By K:
I was lucky enough to get a chance to review part of the Bijoux Indiscrets nipple caps/pasties line. As with all other Bijoux Indiscrets products, the Bijoux Indiscrets Sequin Burlesque Pasties come beautifully packaged; this time in a small, flat black box with gold accents and a nature-inspired motif.

RIANNE-S Masque II Brigitte – Pleasure Panel Review


By My Tickle Trunk:
I’d always wanted a mask like this, and with its flexible and versatile form, it seemed like the perfect starter mask to dip into the world of masquerade sex. Unfortunately, the RIANNE-S Masque II Brigitte has missed the mark and instead leaves me exposed and well… with a bit of a beak.

Lovehoney Bodystocking (Long Sleeve Fishnet Crotchless) – Pleasure Panel Review


By Mel Macfarlane / Voluptasse
Although this Lovehoney Bodystocking has been discontinued since this product was sent for review, they do have a wide selection of Lovehoney Bodystockings on the website and, at the time of writing, a special offer of 2 bodystockings for £20.

Dominique's Playbox from Velvet Beetroot review

Dominique’s Playbox from Velvet Beetroot – Pleasure Panel Review


By Kinky Kitten Kim
The Dominique’s Playbox is Velvet Beetroot’s introductory soft bondage range and is priced at £34.99.
The box contains 6 items: sexy bodystocking (suitable for sizes up to UK 12/14), lace eye mask, handcuffs, anal beads, flogger and a mini sex guide to get you started with your role.

Lovehoney Plus Size Bodystocking (Dress & Stockings All-In-One) Pleasure Panel Review


By FesureMaybe
I was a very lucky girl to get this one to review from Cara. I received the Lovehoney Plus Size Bodystocking (Dress & Stockings All-In-One) to fit UK size 18-24.
This came in a pink packaging style box that you opened to find it wrapped up in plastic packaging. It was adequately packaged and easy to unfold.

Seven Til Midnight Lotus Pattern Bodystocking Lingerie – Guest Review


By Mel MacFarlane, Voluptasse
I absolutely loved the Seven Til Midnight Lotus Pattern Body Stocking. I found it easy to wear, incredibly comfortable and very stretchy. It leaves nothing to the imagination, so it’s not for the faint hearted but I found it to be very flattering for me.

Review: SpareParts Hardwear Bella Lingerie Style Strap On Sex Harness

Materials: Nylon, Spandex

The SpareParts Hardwear Bella Lingerie Style Strap On Sex Harness doesn’t simply give you a pair of pants with a hole in the front though. Far from it. Firstly there’s the presentation. Bella comes in a black lidded box, which can be used as a storage box for this or other accessories, secured with a small and easily disposed of cardboard sleeve. Removing the sleeve and opening the box I found the elegance of black tissue paper discreetly obscuring and protecting the contents. Within this final flourish I found the main event, the Bella panty, as well as a netted laundry bag, 4 attachable suspender clasps and the cutest storage bag for a strap on panty ever. It feels like microfiber and looks like an evening clutch. I would have no qualms about using it as an evening bag either. The idea of taking my strap on panty out in its own storage bag which doubled as an evening bag really tickled me. Got everything? Phone – check. Keys – check. Strap on panty – check.

Lingerie Review: Coquette Spellbound Soft Bondage Black and Silver Bustier


The bottom of the bustier has suspender clasps to the front and back, connected to a black lace band, like a garter on each side. At the back there are wide strips of silver ribbon which can be tied into bows behind the legs, or alternatively used to ‘secure’ the wrists in the elasti-cuffs to the back of the legs, while in a kneeling up position. I use the word ‘secure’ very tentatively – this is by no means a bondage item! The bustier, cuffs and ribbons are well made but would be delicate as bondage restraints, they are material and not meant for serious struggles or violent sex of any kind.

Lingerie Review: Roza Grase Black Bra (34D) from Segzi


A lot of lingerie sold on sex toy or adult shopping websites is pretty much designed to be bedroom wear only. A few moments for your partner to be tantalised by the view, then a quick fumble with the ultra-delicate (read: breakable) ribbon straps and it’s kicked under the bed in a glorious crescendo of passionate sex. You don’t know how to wash it, how to put the straps back in, how to wear it under clothes and tuck all the ribbons out of view or if you’ll be able to go to the loo while wearing it without stripping everything off each and every time.

Seven til Midnight Uptown Lace Body (in Red) Sexy Lingerie Review

Materials: Lace

By Cara Sutra:
The cut away sides heighten the feminine silhouette, creating curves you didn’t know you had. I have worn this body under clothes but be aware that there is no popper fasten at the crotch area, so if you do need the loo, you will have to be an expert in removing and refastening this body first! Mind you, I never really had it on long enough for this to be a problem…