Waterglide Watermelon Flavoured Lube – Pleasure Panel Review


Waterglide Watermelon Flavoured Lube Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Nat and Tom

First of all, I’d like to thank Cara for sending us the Waterglide Water-Based Watermelon Lubricant (wow, that’s a tongue twister!) to review as part of the Pleasure Panel. The Waterglide Watermelon Flavoured Lube arrived super quickly and was wrapped in a plastic bag to avoid any spillages. The bottle for this lubricant is nicely designed and fairly discreet, so could easily be left out without prying eyes noticing it. It doesn’t scream lubricant like the bright Durex bottles do.

The Waterglide Watermelon Flavoured Lube bottle features a flip top lid which immediately releases the scent of watermelon when opened. It can definitely be picked up, but it’s subtle enough to not be overwhelming. It wasn’t artificial or too chemical, which we both liked. My partner wanted to give it a quick taste straight away, as he loves watermelon and he was not disappointed with the flavour. He said it really did taste like watermelon and he was happy to proceed to testing it out.

Waterglide Watermelon Flavoured Lube Review

He is fairly cautious about new lubricants with us both having sensitive skin and previous reactions to lubricants, so we made sure to do a patch test on our elbows before applying the lube to any intimate areas. Surprisingly, neither of us had a reaction, which I wasn’t expecting due to this product containing glycerin, which is an ingredient that more often than not irritates me. Considering I had no reaction, I decided it was worth giving it a try for penetrative sex, although I did use slightly less product than I usually would due to that particular ingredient.

I found that the Waterglide Watermelon Flavoured Lube was actually a very nice lubricant for penetrative vaginal sex, because it has a great consistency. It appears runny at first (see photo) but once it’s rubbed in, this seems to stop and it becomes more stable. It’s quite thick, but it feels gentle on the skin and has a slick texture to it. I didn’t find it to be greasy or sticky at all and once I had washed it off after use I could feel no residue at all, although the subtle scent of watermelon remained. So, whilst I thought it was worth a try considering the lack of reaction, I do prefer to avoid glycerin vaginally, so we won’t be using it for anything other than oral in the future. If you’re not as sensitive down-below and don’t mind the addition of glycerin, then this might be a really good lubricant for you.

Waterglide Watermelon Flavoured Lube Review

Overall, we found that the Waterglide Watermelon Flavoured Lube was a great lubricant for oral as it enhances natural tastes rather than masking them. The taste and the scent are both subtle, rather than overpowering like many flavoured lubricants and I think they’re as close to watermelon as they possibly could be. If glycerin isn’t an issue to you, then it’s also a lubricant for vaginal sex as the texture and consistency are great and it’s completely condom-safe. Aside from the glycerin, there’s one other small thing that some might find disappointing and that is the shelf life. Many lubricants allow 6-12 months after opening to finish the bottle, but this is 150ml that needs to be used with three months. We probably won’t use all of it before it needs to be thrown out, which feels a little wasteful.


– Nat and Tom

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Nat and Tom for this review of the Waterglide Watermelon Flavoured Lube (£6.95 for a 150ml bottle from Simply Pleasure)

The Waterglide Watermelon Flavoured Lube was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Simply Pleasure. Thank you! 🙂

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Waterglide Watermelon Flavoured Lube Review

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