The Great Big Cara Sutra Cascade Self Lubricating Vibrators Review


The Great Big Cara Sutra Cascade Self Lubricating Vibrators Review

So here it is! The great big Cascade Self Lubricating Vibrators review. I first heard of these sex toys a little while before the ETO Show in June this year and saw them on a stand there.

The Cascade vibrators are definitely novel and innovative and bring something unique to the world of sex toys – self lubrication. Of the vibrator, that is. A pouch of lubricant is inserted in the space allotted for it inside the main ‘base’ vibrator, then you can fit your choice of sheath over the top. When you buy a Cascade vibrator, you choose which sheath style vibrator you want. You can then purchase the other sheath styles separately, which can be fitted to your existing Cascade. It all reminds me of those watches where you can change the colour of the face ring, you know the ones?

The Great Big Cara Sutra Cascade Self Lubricating Vibrators Review


The sheaths of the Cascade Self Lubricating Vibrators are available in a choice of blue, pink or purple, with the styles available being Flow, Ripple or Wave.

First, Chemist Direct kindly sent me a Purple Ripple Style Cascade vibrator (well they sent me just the sheath at first, so I have a spare Purple Ripple sheath now!), then Cascade themselves (or rather, Love Life Products) sent me a Blue Wave Cascade Vibrator. Ok so they actually sent me a Pink Ripple Cascade but I have the ripple sheath on the one from Chemist Direct, so swapped it for the Wave sheath straight away. They also sent me the Blue Wave Sheath (see) and Purple Flow sheath as well as the triple cartridge replacement pack of the lubricant for the Cascade vibes.

Confused? Me too.

So anyway, I now have the whole set of Cascade Self Lubricating Vibrators! Hurray.

I’ll take the items one by one to make it all a bit easier to understand (and write).

Purple Ripple Cascade Vibrator from Chemist Direct

The Cascade Vibrator comes in a large, rectangular box with a transparent plastic cover which easily slides off. This has the Cascade branding on it. Inside the box you find the Cascade vibe with the chosen sheath on it (in this case the Purple Ripple), your user manual, the charging lead, the charging lead attachment and a lubricant cartridge.

You need to twist and remove the sheath in order to expose the bare-naked Cascade ‘base’ vibe. There is a hole at the tip where the lube will eventually come out. The sheaths have holes at the end too, letting it through.

You will note an area which you jiggle and lift up to insert the lube cartridge. It fits in so the foil top is downwards (don’t remove it before you insert it) and the wording facing outwards. Then shut the little door back up again and put the sheath back on. You have to twist it til it locks into position. There are little arrows on the back to let you know when you’ve got it right.

Before you can use your Cascade vibrator you need to charge it. There is an attachment that sticks magnetically to the two flat metal areas at the end of the vibe, while the USB charging lead fits into this so you can get it powered up. Being USB you can use any USB port for this, computer or laptop ports or in combination with your own USB to mains wall plug.

I charged my Cascade Self Lubricating Vibrators overnight, so I don’t know exactly how long they take to charge, but they were charged in the morning. One issue I did have with charging is that the magnetic areas on the charging attachment isn’t very strong and it kept slipping off. Very frustrating. Even moving the Cascade vibe slightly on the bed or desk while charging meant the lead and attachment would ‘fall off’ the end of the vibrator. I had to set it very carefully then back away, taking care not to disturb it lest it should jiggle off and stop charging.

Once charged up I was keen to get going and use the Cascade, finally. Before using any of the sheaths I squirted them with sex toy cleaner and rinsed them over, to get rid of any residual chemicals from manufacture. You can’t be too careful, in my opinion.

This is where I came a bit unstuck. I inserted the Cascade and then realised I didn’t know which button did what. There’s three of them. Removing the vibe again I took a closer look. The one in the centre is to turn on the ‘lubricate’ mode, activating the internal mechanisms to squeeze the lube cartridge and ease droplets of lube through the hole in the tip.

The button to the right of centre, as you’re looking at the vibe, is to turn the vibrator on. You have to press it once, quite firmly, and the buttons light up, presumably to let you know it’s in ‘active’ mode. Another press and you get the first mode. The modes, as I can tell, are as follows

  • Low constant vibration
  • Medium constant vibration
  • High constant vibration

The difference between these modes is negligible and unless you’re paying ultra close attention they all feel like the same speed, pretty much.

To get the different vibrating functions, you need to use the button on the left. Turn the vibe off again, then back on again. You’ll have to press the right button twice, once to activate and again to turn on the buzzing. (Yeah, I don’t know, either.)

Press the left button. You start with the varying patterns. This is the confusing bit. Cascade state there are three vibration patterns, constant pulse and escalating. Each of these can be at one of the three speeds which you select from the right button. The difference between these vibrating patterns is so negligible it’s difficult to accurately set them apart. Except for a definite pulse instead of a constant vibration, there’s not much to choose from between them. Disappointing.

Even the highest vibration is nothing to write home about, regardless of whether the vibrator self lubes or not.

Having studied up on the buttons (which are also quite difficult to press – sore finger tips, ouch!) I tried once again to use the Cascade intimately. It’s a vaginal vibrator, not anal, by the way.

Starting the buzzing with constant and questionably named highest vibration, I tried to enjoy the sensation. I wanted to get lubed up and before I knew what I was doing, I was reaching for the lube. Silly me, I didn’t have to! I have a Cascade self lubricating vibrator, duh. Pressing the central button I heard the motors inside whirring as it tried to get the lube out. Nothing.

In fact I had to remove the Cascade vibe and press the button a number of times before the lube finally appeared at the tip of the vibe. I also had to be holding the vibrator pointing downwards to help it on its way. Hmmm, I may need a Liberator wedge under my butt or something for this one. Standing up to masturbate was put out of the picture.

I tried really hard to love my Cascade vibe, I really did. I lay back, we lit some candles, we had some soft music going. What it boils down to at the end of the day is a light buzzing machine for vaginal penetration which isn’t the quietest sex toy in the world and absolutely nowhere near the most powerful. The lubricating feature is novel, but that’s it – a novelty. For the hassle of trying to get the damn lube to come out then hearing the non-seductive whirring mechanisms mid-thrust, I would rather use a luxurious penetrative sex toy such as the Pure Wand or a LELO vibrator, along with a clitoral stimulator to see to that bit.

Not many women orgasm through penetration alone, so there’s only going to be a small percentage of women happy with using the Cascade vibe by itself. Even then they’re going to have to not be petite or a vibe virgin (they’re decently sized but by no means small) and not really be bothered about powerful vibrations.

Hmmm. Let’s try the other sheath variations.

Blue Wave Cascade Vibrator from Love Life Products (Cascade Sex Toys)

Once again, this Cascade vibrator came presented in the box with all the accessories and additional bits as stated above. I went through the same rigmarole of inserting the lube cartridge and charging up the vibrator.

My experience with this vibrator was pretty much the same as with the one above, except for the different sheath, of course. There was also no sticker on the back of this one telling me how to lock it. But it’s fairly obvious, anyway.

I preferred the wave sheath to the ripple, it was much more stimulating and in my opinion was a better vehicle for the vibrations. They felt stronger with this vibrator and sheath, not sure if it was just a new bath of vibes or something or the sheath that helped it perform better.

There are four bulges on the shaft and a tapered, rounded tip, giving the wave its name.

It still isn’t perfect by any means, the noise is still there on this second vibrator, especially when you press the ‘Lube Me Now’ button and the vibrations are still so much weaker than I’d like.

The Cascade Self Lubricating Vibrators aren’t as bad to clean as I had thought they may be. You twist off the sheath again which is waterproof and clean is separately, rinsing through and squirting with sex toy cleaner. If you have a bottle brush it really helps.

The main vibe I just wipe over and squirt with some sex toy cleaner, making sure all the nooks and crannies of the base vibe are clean and lube free. The lubricant is directed out of the vibrator during use, so there isn’t an internal puddle of lube glooping up the insides, like I feared there may be.

I had thought that the magnetic charging would mean that the main vibrator units are fully waterproof, but sadly not. I can’t see anywhere written that they’re waterproof, anyway. I’m therefore intrigued as to why there is the need for the magnetic attachment, which falls off when you even so much as breathe on the vibrator while charging. It would be much better to plug directly into the vibrator end, if it’s not for waterproofing purposes.

The Cascade Self Lubricating Vibrators are stated to be made from ‘satin smooth silicone’. Compared with other similarly priced sex toys I have right here, the silicone is not at all satin smooth. It’s nice, warms to the body fast and is definitely silicone, as I flame tested it. But not satin smooth, there is a fair amount of drag. Yeah, I said it.

Purple Flow Sheath

The Flow sheath is like a classic cover for your Cascade vibrator, it’s smooth with a rounded tapered tip that lets the lube through the small hole in the end. Not much more to say about this one really. I prefer the Wave style as I like a bit more stimulation from the contours on the surface of a sex toy. There isn’t a G spot angle or anything so yeah – this is basically an in-out vibrator cover.

Pink Ripple Sheath

The Ripple sheath (same as the purple one which I got with the first Cascade, above) has a straight shaft then a bulbous tip which has a fascia featuring 5 ridges. I guess you’re meant to angle these internally so they’re rubbing against your G-spot. There’s no angle to the vibe or the vibrator head though, so it’s anyone’s guess how you’d achieve this. I didn’t feel it was that much different to the Flow sheath, apart from a wider head on it.

Triple Cartridge Replacement Pack

The lube replacement pack is great. Not much to go wrong there, really. You get three cartridges, each containing 22ml / 0.75 fl oz of water based lubricant. It does contain glycerin (glycerine?) so if you’re sensitive to this, maybe these toys and lube aren’t for you.

The ingredients of the Cascade lubricant are: Aqua, Vegetable Based Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, 2-Bromo-2-Nitropropane-1, 3-Diol, Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate.

Remember: do NOT remove the foil ends! It is automatically pierced when you insert it into one of the Cascade Self Lubricating Vibrators.


I was very excited about the Cascade Self Lubricating Vibrators but unfortunately they have not lived up to the hype, in my opinion. Perhaps you love vaginal vibrations of the mild kind, and don’t mind a bit of whirring as the internal cogs and gears move the few drops of lubricant up through the hole. As long as you’re lying down. And you figure the buttons out first. And press them hard. And don’t want to use it in the bath or shower, or ever submerge the vibrator.

And pay about £75 for a Cascade vibrator with a sheath, then £15 if you want to buy a different sheath, and £7.99 for the triple lube replacement pack. Seems a bit over the odds for me. Looking at the Cascade vibrator it can’t cost much more than £10 to manufacture, so I would say £39.99 is about the right price. Perhaps £49.99 at a push.

For £75 I want a waterproof, durable rechargeable vibrator, possibly with a dual stimulation option or at least G spot angling, silent functions, easy to press buttons and a storage bag. You don’t even get a satin pouch with a Cascade, and it’s a silicone sex toy!

These Cascade Self Lubricating Vibrators were a great idea, but in practice I would rather use a luxurious dual stimulator such as the Swan Whooper, or a luxury LELO vibrator along with a Rocks Off bullet. And grab some Give Lube as and when I wish, without the whirring between my legs.

Sorry Cascade, back to the drawing board. A generous 5/10 for the novelty factor.

Check out the Cascade Self Lubricating Vibrators at Chemist Direct or at the Cascade Sex Toys website.

– Cara Sutra

Quick Review:

What’s the full product title/name?

Cascade Self Lubricating Vibrators
Cascade Single Sheaths
Cascade Triple Pack Lubricant Refill Cartridges

How big is it/size?

Base vibrator
Overall length 9.2 inches, maximum circumference 3.5 inches

With Ripple Sheath
Overall length 9.8 inches, insertable length 5.1 inches, maximum circumference 4.6 inches

With Flow Sheath
Overall length 9.5 inches, insertable length 5 inches, maximum circumference 4.6 inches

With Wave Sheath
Overall length 9.4 inches, insertable length 5 inches, maximum circumference 4.8 inches

What is it made from/which material?

Silicone sheaths (flame tested) and ABS plastic base and handle

Which batteries does it take? Is it rechargeable?

Doesn’t require batteries. Rechargeable via included USB lead/magnetic attachment

Which lubricants can I use with it/compatible lubes?

Water based only, and only the Cascade lubricant cartridges (one provided with the vibrator).
Cascade Lubricant ingredients: Aqua, Vegetable Based Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, 2-Bromo-2-Nitropropane-1, 3-Diol, Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate.

How many modes of vibration does it have/number of modes?

Undecided. Apparently three speeds and three vibration patterns.

Is it waterproof?


Does it contain latex?


Does it contain phthalates?


Does it come with a storage bag?


Does it come with full instructions?


Does it have a guarantee or warranty?



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