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Superdrug Massage Gel And Lube 2 in 1

Pleasure Panel review by JM88

The Superdrug Massage Gel & Lube 2 in 1 is a must have massage item. What else can I say? It massages, doubles up as a lube, is water based and pH balanced. It won’t leave you sticky and will leave you gagging for more! A Valentine’s Day Must Have!

Superdrug Massage Gel And Intimate Lube 2 in 1


Firstly let me say how much I adore this simple yet elegant packaging. The tube is a gorgeous see-through purple colour, and is so hypnotising when you turn it upside down to see the gel jiggling around like a lava lamp!  The tube is finished off with a simple flip top cap which makes dispensing the gel easy and clean.

The back label contains the usual blurb, ingredients list and proudly displays that it is suitable for vegetarians and vegans as it isn’t tested on animals which is a bonus for most people.

Superdrug Massage Gel And Intimate Lube 2 in 1

Superdrug Massage Gel And Intimate Lube 2 in 1

A few claims are made that usually make me raise my eyebrows when I read them on a lube/massage gel bottle as rarely does a product live up to its expectations. Here the gel claims to be “non sticky, silky smooth, fragrance free and lickable “. Immediately I had my doubts as I remember the last time I tried a competitor’s equivalent and it was sticky, tacky, heavily scented and tasted awful. I couldn’t wait to see how this was going to fare.


For me, texture is the single most important factor when it comes to a massage gel. For the initial test I got my husband to take his shirt off and lay down so I could get a feel for the texture of the gel when massaged into his back. I squirted a few drops onto his back (note to others, if you are going for a sensual massage you might want to warm the gel first!) and then began to rub it in. I was very pleasantly surprised that the gel felt amazing. It was thicker than an oil, but felt incredibly smooth as silky, just like it claimed. There was no gritty, gloopy feeling that some thicker gels can give you. The gel lasted a lot longer than I expected it to, and it eventually dried on the skin leaving it feeling moisturised and dry! There was absolutely no tackiness whatsoever! My hands felt smooth and dry and there was no evidence that they had previously been covered in gel.

Superdrug Massage Gel And Intimate Lube 2 in 1

Most surprisingly, towards the end of the massage my dog decided to jump on the bed and perform one of his tricks “bang” (you know the one where the dog sits and falls backwards after being “shot”) and landed on his back on my husbands back. Great I thought, now his back is wet and my husbands back is furry. To both of our surprise my husband was fur free, and there was no sticky residue on the dog either! There aren’t many lubes around that could boast that level of untackiness! A definite 10/10 for texture.


The gel claims to be fragrance free, but it does have a slight smell to it. It smells vaguely creamy, like a hand cream and I would put that down to the aloe Vera. It isn’t a strong aroma but I do find it slightly off putting, especially as it can be licked.


Oddly enough for something that smells like a hand cream, I couldn’t taste a thing! There was no overpowering  flavours, it just tasted of nothing! Amazing.

During Use

Superdrug Massage Gel And Intimate Lube 2 in 1

Superdrug Massage Gel And Intimate Lube 2 in 1

We tried the gel for all of its purposes – but I will keep it short! Once I had given my husband a full frontal massage, we tried it as a lube and I can report that it worked a treat. It was long lasting and made my husband very slippery indeed! I would recommend using just a very small amount for lube purposes! I jumped on top and whilst it cowgirl position my husband began to massage my breasts with the gel and it felt amazing! We then switched to doggy style and my husband loved squirting the gel all over my back and bum and rubbing it in whilst thrusting. It was a very sexual and sensual experience for both of us.

My favourite part of it all was that afterwards by husband suggested buying PVC bedsheets and having a full on, completely covered with the gel, sex session. Something I have been keen to try 🙂


Superdrug Massage Gel And Intimate Lube 2 in 1

I LOVE this product and would recommend it to everyone. It makes a very bold claim on the front “100% happiness guaranteed” and it certainly lives up to that. Never before have I loved a product this much. I will certainly be buying more once we run out, although the 200ml should last us a little while! Never before has a massage product left skin feeling so great, and also been safe to use as a lube. This is truly my product of the year so far (OK it’s only February but this will be hard to beat).

I’m torn on the marking. The aroma was the only downside for me, can I give it 9.75 out of ten?

– JM88

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer JM88 for this review of the Superdrug Massage Gel And Intimate Lube 2 in 1 (£3.49 for a 100ml tube)

This massage gel/lube was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Superdrug Health.

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